Annual First Sentence Meme for 2006

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Today was a busy one for work, and yet that is all can truly say due to the fact that I dislike mixing work topics (though I really do love what I do for a living!) on my site. However, after work was another story. 😉

This evening I did my weekly volunteer cleanup at the Johnston PetSmart for Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. We have a program that allows potential adoptees and unsocialized bunnies to meet folks outside the rabbit shelter. Actually, all I needed to do was let the bunnies run around and work with them on being handled. Needless to say, I cuddled with each of the four rabbits. Feel free to click on each photo to see a short description of these babies!

Okay, this post title is not an original idea from me. I “borrowed” the whole post idea from Femiknitmafia. It does make me realize how much effort I put into the title rather than the first sentence! Ooops!!

Instructions — Copy the first sentence that you posted in each month of 2006. Post it in the following format:

Sometimes you gotta have some laughs.

I think the store was pretty busy yesterday at RA Yarns.

Tuesday evening, Rich and I visited Pam, the Bunny-Whisperer, at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue to see if we could find Caesar another buddy to hang out around the house.

Today is April 1st, which means that I start my diet on the Stashalong.

Howdy folks!

When Helene and I arrived for yoga yesterday, we were met with a surprise cancellation.

Yesterday after the oil change before embarking on the big drive, I stopped by Lacewings to see if that blue hank of Tilli Tomas’ Simply Heaven was sold yet.

Hel-looooooo AU-GUST!

Thank you all for the kind words about my hand.

Note: I apologize that this entry was created when I did not have internet access.

Currently I have been chugging along the Running Rabbit’s birthday shawl.

Sorry for such a late post.

Note: August is my favorite. =:8

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  1. One of those bunnies has the same color as a Saimese Cat. They are a serious looking bunch except for the brown one that looks sad. That meme looks like a bunch of work, heh. I just noticed you have a lot of birthdays to celebrate this month. Yikes, how do you keep up?

  2. My gosh, I *so* adore these little bunnies – the cuteness!!! I actually fell in love with Gigi – if I’d just lived a little bit closer… 😉
    And wow, what an interesting meme – I agree, August rocks! 😉

  3. Those little bunnies are adorable!! And the meme is so fun . . . I’ll have to delve into my archives and post my first sentences too. 🙂

  4. My partner and I have actually been talking about getting a rabbit. He is allergic to cats though, and while that obviously doesn’t mean that he is allergic to rabbits, he also hasn’t been around one long enough to see if that would be a problem. What would you recommend? We probably won’t be ready to let a bunny into our lives for at least 6 months yet, anyways since I would want to have the best possible environment ready first.

  5. Please send all bunnies to me. I’m sure Peaches will be an angel and welcome them with open paws and share all her treats with them. LOL

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