Saturday, Schmaturday

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I do not dislike Saturdays. In fact, I think Saturday is my favorite day of the week. The Schmaturday feeling is due to the cold downstairs that make my feet freeze, and the frustration I am having in trying to finish the Birthday shawl for the Dorothy. I have the body (with 175 stitches on the needles) already finished, and am searching for something to substitute the garter stitch edging in the pattern. the pattern designer actually made hers with 143 stitches for the body, and hers came out to 92-inches across the shoulders! Since I am going to be occupied with this WIP for a bit, I leave you a couple of Skywatching photos in my backyard for Saturday Sky.

This evening, Rich, Jeff, and I are going up to the Sports Depot in the Boston area to watch the Hokies play the Miami ‘Canes with other Hokie alumni and fans. I have been debating if the Pink Clapotis will be accompanying us as my WIP instead of the Birthday shawl. Maybe I should take socks instead? I have 2 pairs of hanks to ball up so that would be time well-spent. Whatever I decide, I am looking forward to seeing other fellow Hokies. There are some at work, but the only one who is into the football games is based out of state. Cross your fingers and hope my Team does well tonight! =:8

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  1. Okay, my comment got garbled by gremlins in blogland.
    After Pink Clapotis?
    There should then be a big SWOON.
    Pink and clapotis are more than my little knitters heart can take. I bet it’s GORGEOUS!

  2. Hmm…tough choice. If you take the Birthday shawl, you might just finish it…on the otherhand, the pink clapotis will give you a welcome change.

    But socks are good too. Okay I’m not helping am I?

    Final decision? Birthday shawl I think. You’ll be done with it soon enough then =)

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