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Rage and a Rockstar

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Rage is an interesting word whose translation can be defined in many ways. The most often understood definition is immense anger, when someone is filled with that powerful emotion. Another translation could mean full and strong, pertaining to a storm or headache. Rage can also mean something that is popular and trendy, like Blue Moon’s STR yarn (not to be picky, but look at their Sock Club incident). I have been experiencing some forms of rage as of late, and thought it would be good for me to explain them all.

This month I have been busy working in the office and after-hours for whatever sorts of things that can be expected during this time of year. Every task that I do is organized and charted either on a calendar blotter or in an Excel workbook (notice I did not say spreadsheet!). At times I feel de-valued and under-appreciated. The sadness becomes a raging headache.

On a bunny note, here are a couple of photos on the new kids over at Petsmart. Sir Thomas is one giant love, while Mister Cedrick is a very sweet snuggle bun. He actually starting grooming me while I held him. Oh how my heartstrings were singing! I feel them being pulled and strummed like a finely-tuned guitar. Holding little Cedrick brought out rage against the folks who gave him up.

To get in shape for Sock Madness, I thought I would see how much I could get done with my lack of time. Cookie’s BFF actually might have a “feature” or two that I have been trying to make work. Here is what I have done so far on the sock pattern.

I am going to check again to see if that is the case. Meanwhile, I am plowing on and keeping lots of detailed notes so I can duplicate the second sock without issue. I am hoping to have this pair done in time for my February SAM3! These socks are by the wonderful Cookie A, whose sock patterns have been a rage since the Pomatomus hit at Knitty.

Over and over I tell Muggles (generic term to cover those who think knitting is for “old ladies” and totally unhip) about the influence that knitting has. And over and over I am given looks of disbelief and then the awfully ugly smirks. Stephanie’s recent post describes those Muggles to a Tee. As for her book signing on Thursday the 22nd of March? Stephanie is asking for knitters to stand up and show their own civilized rage at the ignorance of the doubters. Anyone else thinking of going? Who is able to take a day (or two for recovery purposes) to demonstrate that crafters are a force to contend with wits of steel? And YES… I will definitely be there even if I have to get hotel room for the night to enjoy the festivities. Just imagine the Muggles’ surprise when they see OUR rage??!! =:8
Edit: Well I have proof-read and also realized that I put the wrong link for Stephanie’s rant. Serves me right for posting so late.

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  1. Am I a muggle? I don’t have a clue about the technical stuff – but those socks look like they’ll be nice! And warm! That dutch bunny is adorable – wish I had room here.

  2. My gosh, these sweet little bunnies! I so hope they’ll be finding a good home – and in the meantime I wish I could cuddle them and hug them and love them!
    And I really love how your socks are coming along – Cookies patterns are really great and yet quite easy to knit – perfect, I’d say! Beautiful yarn too, what a nice colour!

  3. Those bunnies are so cute!! Grr to those work dorks who don’t appreciate all you have been doing. Great socks – knit knit knit so I can award your “F”!! (This time, earning an F is good!!) If I’m able to go to NYC, I’ll let you know. 🙂

  4. That sock madness thing is hard core! Good luck. If there is one thing I am not, it’s a speedy knitter. Sometimes I fall in love with a project and complete it quickly, but usually I have five different things going and none of them get my sole attention.

  5. The bunnies are so cute! How could anyone give them up! The socks look great. I signed up for Sock Madness too. Can’t wait unitl it starts! I wish I could go on the 22 but with 3 children in school it’s just not going to happen.

  6. Cedrick is a real charmer. Oooh, just reading about how he groomed you makes me want to hop (HEH!) in the car and go visit him. Instead, I’ll go scratch a cat behind the ears.

  7. Oh a trip to NYC for the Harlot thing would be so fun. There is rumbling of knitters doing it here in Atlanta on same day for united support. Think this thing is going world wide.

    As fur (slip there but kinda cute) the new bunnies . . . I just don’t understand how folks take in animals (dogs, cats, bunnies, etc) without really thinking about the responsibility of it all. One is adopting a child that will never grow up and is completely dependent on you. I just want to smack them. All of them!

    hope your work gets better.

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