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Gooberness or Geekiness?

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Here I am on vacation looking forward to my trip back home in Virginia Beach. I must be a real goober, or at least a geek because all I have done so far is knit, tend to the bunnies, browse the net, and watch television — specifically Star Trek and American football. Barely have I slept, and I still need to figure out why the card reader is not working. At least I have finished Shalyn’s birthday present and hope you will see it soon. These Fetching fingerless gloves in red actually count towards both the “Warming Hands” and the “Knit Red” Knitalongs. I actually used up just a few yards more than one ball of 105 yards. I think that was due to using long ends to weave into the fabric. Now to finish up more projects…

Those words represent what I typed on Sunday morning. Obviously from the above photo, the card reader is back in business and I can show off a great photo from last night. I forgot to take photos during my birthday dinner on Sunday night but if there are any chocolates, wine, and tea left, I will snap up a few shots and show you the birthday goodies from my dearest friends. Instead, I give you a cool photo of some Sweet Binks Gals helping Dorothy (7th), Shalyn (21st) and me (25th) to celebrate our November birthdays. 🙂

Now it is Tuesday and I am back home in my sister’s house at Virginia Beach. We have a nor’eastern roaring outside with pouring rain and crazy winds. Enough so that my niece plopped on her head the ribbed hat I knitted for her in Sirdar Breeze. Edit: The photo has been removed per request.

Luckily for cases like storms and other homeboundness, I brought a few projects to keep me busy. Even more so, when my Daddy picked me up at the airport, I had asked him if we could stop by my favorite LYS in the area, Ewe Knit Kits which is owned by Bobbie Reich. Compared to the others around here that I have experienced, this place ROCKS! Not knowing what he was getting into, my Daddy politely refused to come into the store with me and said he would wait in the car. I did my best to make the visit short and stayed for about 30 minutes — a record if you ask me! Here are the goodies that I found.

First and foremost I really love how Bobbie and her team put each wound cake inside individual bags. The Trekking XXL happens to be on sale at 50% off. Since the colors are VA Tech blends, of course I had to get it, and may get the other 2 last skeins before I leave. Yes, I may break my Stash-along rules!! 😉 In the middle, I have been coveting the decadent yarn by The Purled Llama for quite some time. Now I have some of her beautiful merino sock weight. Those colors are gorgeous! Last but not least, on the right is Colinette’s Jitterbug sock yarn. I am curious on trying this yarn out because it reminds me of Koigu/Claudia’s Handpainted (of which Bobbie does have in her store). Before I leave you until next time, cross your fingers and hope I get to go eat at a favorite restaurant of mine, The Jewish Mother in Virginia Beach. Not only are there over a hundred beers from around the world, the sandwiches are good, the hummus and guacamole amazing, and the desserts fantastic! Oh, and throw in Blues too. Now I give you a napping Zydeco… =:8

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  1. Great mitts!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful week – and picked up some terrific “souvenirs” to bring home!! Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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