Knit, Swirl and Twirl

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For those who missed the incredible “knit, Swirl!” trunk show at The Yarn Club from December 15th to the 26th, it was a rare treat. Since Sandra McIver published her book November 2010, knitters have been drooling and wanting to make one for themselves. This past June at TNNA Columbus, I was lucky not only to have met Sandra in person, but also see all of her Swirls. While there, I met up for breakfast with Jenny Raymond of zJonquil Designs and Deborah Robson of “Fleece & Fiber Source Book” by Storey Publishing. Deb’s Swirl is made with two different colorways of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride. To see her twirl in her swirl, click on the below photo. I love the way it moves!

There are many Swirls made by prominent folks in the fiber world. A second one by JC Briar of the award-winning “Charts Made Simple” book is in WIP status. I have seen hers up close during TNNA also, and it is utterly elegant. During Thanksgiving, when I showed my Swirl-in-progress to a friend of Christopher and me, she was smitten by the alternating welts of reverse stockinette and stockinette stitches. Inspired, she offered to trade a substantial amount of String Theory for my hardcopy book (purchased here at The Yarn Club). Unable to refuse, I accepted her offer and handed it over. By the way, the yarn is a luxurious amount (weighing close to 7 ounces) of silk/merino sport-weight blend at $30 per 4 ounces. I think I hit a nice jackpot, don’t you agree?

Blocking Swirl in MadelineTosh DK and Cascade Yarns Kid Seta

For those curious about what yarns to use besides the ones listed in the book, here are a few to help. *Note: You must have access to Ravelry to see the details on these projects.*

Adixonmahatoo's swirl
The Coat of Many Colors swirl above was made in Berroco Vintage by adixonmahatoo

ChezShea's swirl
ChezShea’s Forest Fiesta swirl above was made in MadelineTosh DK with the Tart colorway

jilsknittingagain's swirl
Jill’s above Sheer Beauty was made in Malabrigo and Louet

ltlknits' swirl
ltlknits’ Winter Waves swirl above was made in Malabrigo

knittingalways' swirl
knittingalways’ Shades of Grey swirl above was made in Cascade Rustic

So before I digress further, here are some of the latest trunk show photos. Again I apologize if you missed seeing these beauties up close and personal because they are simply GORGEOUS.

Ann in a couple of poses:
Ann in one of 2 poses

Andrea grinning in her Sheer Beauty:
Andrea in her own Sheer Beauty

Myself unable to resist trying on a swirl in black and red:
Kimberly in a black and red swirl

Amanda cosying up in a swirl of Mountain Colors:

Our favorite swirl in a beautiful burgundy wine color:
Our favorite swirl in burgundy

Now if you still want to make your very own Swirl, do not fear because we can help you! Now that I have my first Swirl under my belt, I have figured out not only to make the very long sleeves shorter, but I also figured out how to make the pattern fit larger sizes. Feel free to drop me a line to get twirling in a swirl!! =:8

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  1. That does looks great on you. I tried one one on at TNNA (at Cat Bordhi’s insistence – woohoo). It truly flatters every shape.

    ps…I haven’t seen you in a while. Looking good. Something in your life sure agrees with you!

  2. I would love the know the secrets to shorter sleeves and larger sizes! Please share! I’ve had the book for months and am finally getting really inspired to start one.

    1. Hi Katie! I would love to work with you on this project. What I realized is that you need to measure your arms from the center of your back, then calculate how many stitches the actual length of the sleeves.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Wonderful photos. Please provide the name of the pattern for your “favorite swirl” of “beautiful burgundy wine,” and the yarn that was used. It is lovely. Thanks so much. Ronnie

    1. Hi Ronnie,

      The shop’s favorite swirl was Winter Waves made in Karabella’s Aurora 8. I found it a bit too heavy for me to wear, but it was very toasty!

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