Bargains, my Hayley, and Knitting

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Okay, I am tired today after working at Ruth’s store. But it is a GOOD tired. I was able to help a few folks out with their knitting and crocheting projects. With the 40% discount on the yarn (except for her $2 skeins/hanks and the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free items) and the 50% discount on an entire bag, there are some items that are cleaned out. So today I sold lots of yarn, notions, and patterns. No books sold as of yet; maybe I should help by buying all of them. 😉
Some of the yarns that Ruth carries:
Karabella — Gossamer, Puma Gold, Camissimo, Aurora 8/Bulky…
Lion Brand — Chenille, Polarspun, Wool-Ease (lots of colors!)
Feza — Sparkler, Aspen, Eyelash, Dali, Fiesta, Alp…
S.Charles — too many to list
Prism — all kinds of STUFF!!
Tahki — too many to list
Classic Elite — Marl La, Alpaca, Paintbox, Duchess, Blythe…
Filatura di Crosa — Zara, ZaraPlus, Zarina, Love…
Plassard — Layette, Symphonie, Nordique, Plump…
KFI — assorted Debbie Bliss, Katia, Sirdar, and Noro

One of our two white albino New Zealand mixes seems to have an upset stomach. My sweet little girl (at least to Rich and me, Jen our sitter would say otherwise) Hayley has not eaten anything except for some dried cranberries and a bite or two of her romaine lettuce leaf. She does not want to move much, and will gingerly drink her water. We tried enticing her with a greener cut of hay, but still no luck. Last night she finally ate a piece of lettuce about half the size of a dollar bill after I sprinkled a couple of the cranberries on it. Tonight Rich reported to me that she took a nibble of the romaine stem without any bribery. We just hope her tummy ache passes.

A neat e-mail arrived today from my buddy in Secret Pal 7. The on-line postcard has a really cool image of a pair of hands knitting. She told me about a package that she is getting ready to send me soon. I am looking forward to seeing it. In the meantime, I share with you the postcard…

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