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A Knitter’s Stressful Christmas

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‘Twas the weekend before Christmas
(just two days to go!)
Kimberly was knitting
furiously in woe.

There was a Swan shawl for Heidi,
a scarf for Cousin Tess,
and not to mention gifts
for her SP9 no less.

She ignored blogging entries
except for the Bunnies.
After all they need love,
not to mention a family!

But wait this is Saturday!
A Sky photo must appear.
So here is one with rain
all dismal and not clear.

And also is the present
from Helene and Mikkel
full of goodies to eat
and just a bit sinful!

Along with the knitting
and the bunnies in the tree,
Kimberly was to be cooking
her lasagna with gooey cheese.
For Christmas Night in Connecticut
she is baking a custard.
And hopes it brings smiles
to her many aunts’ standards.

While Rich has gone shopping
to buy last minute gifts,
All Kimberly must do
is wrap hidden presents.
As she looked up from her knitting
and said with lots of glee,
“My SP9 Spoiler has struck!
She is the best among them, see?”

And with those packages one had arrived
for bunnies Julius and Caesar
Secret Paws goodies
from The Lone Star Purrs, oh my! 🙂

Ducking her head
back into her book
Kimberly knitted away
while the bunnies ran amouk.

Ignoring their happy dances
and binkying jumps
she knitted and knitted
while her fingers became lumps.

“Please leave me alone
for I have projects galore!
Just dash away now
until another day once more!”

So Kimberly apologizes
for not writing on time.
She promises next week
to be back and on-line! =:8

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  1. Don’t let the Christmas knitting get you down. I’ve decided to resign myself to the fact that mine won’t be finished. Oh well. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Lovely poem. I know I’m a bit late but Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Internet around these parts have been horrible. God bless you!

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