An Evening with Adoptable Bunnies

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Though I have a couple of other posts about my “Stash Enhancement eXperience” on Saturday at Sakonnet Purls and about how I miss my friend Rasha, I really wanted to share the fun evening I had with the Sweet Binks adoptables who are staying at PetSmart until they find a permanent home. Last week I introduced big loveable Buster, the funny brother/sister pair of Thomas and Tina, and the extremely shy Gigi. Since Gigi had torn her upper lip, Pam had swapped her out with another sweetie, Charlene.

Of course, I cannot leave out the other 3 rabbits. So here are a couple of photos plus the log entry that I wrote on all 4 of them. I am continuing with Buster. He actually was upset with me when I put him back in his cage! How much? He started pouting then began tossing hay around. Poor boy, he did not want to go back in his “bedroom” area. 🙁

Now as for Tina and Thomas, this brother/sister duo were much more dynamic and social than the last time we met. Both were born and raised in the Sweet Binks shelter, and both did not have much interaction with people. Last week, these shy siblings thumped at me while I tried to play with them. Now, after all the folks who have been seeing them, this is what they greeted me with when I came into PetSmart tonight. They obviously had a blast!! See if you can find shy little Tina in the first photo too. 🙂

For the record, here is the entry I wrote in our Volunteer book. Yes, I rambled, but I was so excited with the socialization progress of these adoptees!

These furry kiddies made my evening with their cute antics and sweet personalities. I hope you enjoyed reading about them too! =:8

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  1. Those bunnies are adorable! I used to try and keep rabbits as pets but they always died. I couldn’t keep them for more than 3 weeks. I wonder what I was doing wrong. Partly, I think they just wonder off in the yard and eat something poisonous. That’s the only thing I can think of.

  2. OMG … all these fluffy balls! Love them … all so very cute!
    Mmm … about the gauge thing … I don’t really know what is better or worse, my problem or yours. I just know that I always have to be very careful about the amount of yarns I need because of the difference in gauge. Also, buying knitting kits is another problem. 🙂

  3. Julius and Ceaser – I gotted my Secret Paws pakage yesterday – we will post pikshurs ofurr the weekend. You guys is AWSOME and I fank you furry furry much for all the goodies!!! – Sammy Meezer

  4. I’m here visiting because of the Meezers…but I’m a HUGE bunny fan. We have two adopted dward Hotot mix girls. I used to volunteer for our CO Houserabbit society, but alas my life got too busy and gas got too expensive to drive up so much. They adopt out bunnies at the Dumb Friends’ league too.
    I’ll have to stop by to get bunny picture fixes! =:3

    Oh, I have that same bunny you show with the sweater from Denmark below. It’s on my front porch rail covered in snow in my pictures.

  5. What adorable buns~

    I need to hook-up with the bunny rescue organization around here. I would love to go play with the buns every now and then.

  6. Why do some of the ears stand up and some dont? do bunnies really like carrots and lettuce and are they difficult to clean up after. Maya wants one and I really need to do my homework, first! Merry Christmas!

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