Hayley’s Story and Work Stuff

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I have been meaning to write about how Hayley and her siblings came into our lives the week of Easter, 2004. It was just over a month before our wedding when the “South County Seven” melted my heart. I had started writing this entry when Hayley crossed the bridge, but was not been motivated to continue on until now. After reading how a lot of us are trying to finish our WIPs, I thought that I had better include my blog WIP entries. Please excuse the lack of content. Remember this entry is a WIP.

As for fiber news, I had a pleasant surprise at work waiting for me when Henrik and Lars arrived from Denmark for some special projects. Jette, Morten’s wife, had sent 3 skeins of luxurious yarn for me! The dark autumn hank is an amazingly soft wool. The colors remind me of CTH’s Java colorway. The alpaca hank is the color of a caramel latte. I keep imagining a baby sweater in my future whenever I place the yarn against my cheek. The third hank is of creamy ivory silk and I am thinking of knitting up the Diamond shawl pattern by Sivia Harding. I will post a photo of these beauties soon! =:8

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