A Stolen Meme

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  1. I need: more TIME
  2. Sex: female (last time I checked)
  3. Relationships: important
  4. Your Last Ex: not worth mentioning except he was an extremely passive-controlling unhappy man who was verbally and emotionally abusive; basically a ticking bomb
  5. Power: networking gets you into places; knowledge lets you stay there
  6. Marijuana: anything drug-related is NOT my cup of tea is that Schaeffer’s new yarn?
  7. Crack: please pull up your pants
  8. Food: Woo-hoo!! We’re going to Captain George’s!!
  9. The President: dresses well, speaks horribly, and needs to stop using religion for his political motives
  10. Drama: too much of it on television
  11. Cars: Someone please take my 1994 Sable off my hands?
  12. Gas Prices: proof that greed is still rampant
  13. Halloween: a Catholic holiday changed for adults
  14. Politics: Corruption anyone?
  15. Religion: Something not to force upon those who question it
  16. MySpace: it’s there
  17. Worst Fear: being alone
  18. Marriage: a partnership with compromises
  19. Fashion: it’s what you make of what you have
  20. Brunettes: are fun to hang with
  21. Redheads: are great friends
  22. Blond(e)s: are true pals
  23. Work: Most days I love it. Some days the stress is unbelievable
  24. Pass the time: Work, knit, and read
  25. Football: LUV LUV LUV American football; college and professional!
  26. One night stands: we actually have 2; one on each side of the bed
  27. Pet Peeve: folks at work who chat “bar talk” than do their job
  28. Pixie Stix: fun but messy
  29. Vanilla Ice: why yes, I’ll take some granati
  30. Porta Potties: Never wear a sports breathing strip before entering one (no it wasn’t me, but the look on my rugby teammate’s face when she did that afterwards…)
  31. High school: Great education at Collegiate, but the social scars of being a nerd…
  32. Ice cream: Covered in tons dark fudge and topped with English toffee bits? Bring it on!!
  33. Pajamas: gotta have a silk pair at least once in your life
  34. Wood: love it in flooring and in the Craftsman style
  35. Surfers: I was one back home in VA, and would love to get back into it, but not here in RI
  36. Pictures: too many in my head spinning around

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words. 🙂 I see that you played/play rugby too! Cool! Your bunnies are soo cute!

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