Had a Hat, but it’s Gone

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The intro: For his Christmas present, Cathy’s father had asked for a bright orange hat with earflaps so he could go hunting without freezing his ears off up in the northwestern part of NY state. I found a pattern for her to try, Knitty.com’s Vinter Lue.

To see what changes or tricks I could find with the pattern, I decided to create one using regular worsted weight yarn at roughly 110 yards per 50 grams instead of 100 grams. Well, I finished the Vinter Lue, and it came out really great, but with changes.
Schatzi in the hat
1) Used leftover Malabrigo and a ball of Mark & Kattens Kamel
2) Reversed the colorscheme after knitting up the earflaps
3) Reversed the colors on the 2nd set of images like the earflaps
4) Adjusted top decrease rows to make the colors flow better
5) Knitted the 3 rows of garter only on one side of hat
6) Crocheted the straps instead of using braids

Now you saw the hat, where did it go? I have been wanting to make something for a co-worker’s daughter, and since he was leaving the company, I figured it would have been a perfect going away present. One of the best compliments I have had yet: You MADE that?? It looks AWESOME! My answer: (Breathing on fingernails to polish them on shirt) Yeah, I know. You’re very welcome!

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  1. Hi
    My name is Devron Brown and I was looking just like the first and I was wondering if you are still currently making hats like those. I want a hat just like the first one you have on the screen but are you able to put a ball on top. But the real question I am asking where can I purchased a hat like that (with ball on top).

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