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I wish I could give a hug to everyone that commented on the last post! The wonderful memories of last week are what keep me going at work. Why? There never was a reason to admit that I have been depressed at my current job for quite some time. The problem is that my yearly review demonstrated how my unhappiness was apparent in my lack of initiative and poor performance. To be frank, I was expecting security to escort me out of the building after the review. However being told that your entire office has no faith in your work and refuses to work with you is quite an eye-opener. Granted I am extremely anxious because I find the department’s approach taken on Quality Assurance very condescending to the customer. But that is my humble opinion… If folks are wondering why I am not worried on co-workers reading my little blog, it is because I am seen as a knitting idiot who has nothing worth reading. Comforting thought, eh? Now on to better and MUCH more enjoyable thoughts… 🙂
The BC Garn Lovelies!  (Left side)paddingThe BC Garn Lovelies!  (Right side)
Looking at the names who signed my little book on February 6th, I continuously smile in recognition. Here are the delightful ladies I met who have an online presence:

Yarn brought to KoldingpaddingBC Garn alpaca
For the beginning of some fun stuff, I discovered this contest for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Inspired by that along with:

    1. my 3rd year blog anniversary is next month
    2. I missed celebrating my 1500th comment
    3. my stash needs a fun little uplift

I decided to have a contest!
However it is not going to be easy. Here is the information:
The first person to email me (please feel free to use my Contact Me page) all the yarns with their colorway in the following photo below is going to get a fun package. It can already be assumed that coffee syrup will be in the goodies — my signature! To give folks a good chance to complete this challenge, I will take the last entry on March 17th — Saint Patrick’s Day — at 11:59PM-ET. The winner on will be announced on my anniversary — March 20th. Good luck!! =:8
Name Kimberly's Stash Contest

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  1. I’m sorry work has been so bad for you 🙁

    And I have NO clue on any of the yarn except the one where you can barely see the label 😉 but I wanted to wish you happy blogiversary!!!

  2. How fantastic that you were able to meet up with all the Danish knitters.
    Sorry about the travails at work. 🙁
    You have posed a difficult contest! Good luck to those with a better ranging yarn knowledge than mine.

  3. Oh sweetie, sorry to hear the work thing is just getting worse and worse instead of better. I hate to hear that. But I’m glad you got to meet so many wonderful on-line friends to cheer you up! That book of signatures is a treasure for sure.

  4. Work can be a source of joy, but it can also suck the joy out of even the most stalwart of folks. I hope it looks up for you. Your contest is HARD! Not that I need anything, so it’s all good. I hope today is a little better for you. Mine started out crappy, but I’ve found a few sources of chuckles in blogland this morning, so things are looking up.

  5. I’m so sorry about the crap with your job. 🙁 Perhaps this is a sign that it is time to look for something better? I know my hubby was so much happier when he found a job where he was appreciated. Ironically, his old place of employment was much more appreciative after he left as well. I can foresee similar things happening with you.

    Happy blogiversary! I don’t think I’ll be much good at the contest, but it is very cool. You really know how to challenge folks!

  6. What a hideous thing to say to you on your review. I feel for ya… on both sides of the coin: 1. Your unhappiness in your job; 2. Being on the receiving end of management unpleasantness.

    Keeping good thoughts for you!

  7. So I missed your original job unhappiness post, but I totally identify with you! Except at my job I’m still doing basically the same job I was doing as far as quality and all, but at my annual review my Chinese managers criticized me for not being happy. They said I need to be happy every day. Every day! It’s a very Chinese idea or thing to say to someone, and I was incredibly upset since I also got less of a raise than others despite working just as hard and doing more extra work. But anyway whatever, I’m quitting soon!

    I hope you can work things out at work. Are you thinking of changing jobs? It’s probably a good idea if everyone’s aware of your unhappiness, although I do think companies would get better reactions if they were less accusatory and more understanding.

  8. I hope your jobsituation turns out as you dream about 🙂
    Your contest is great and I’m sorry that I was too late 😉 But I can’t see the photo? 🙂 Hugs from Denmark

  9. Sorry about the work thing and depression thing, I totally get it.
    As for the contest, jeez that’s a hard one! I can guess a few company names but MAN!

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