A 3 Squared Bunny KIP in Waterplace Park

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I finally sent out my squares to Jamie for her Papa’s Quilt. And instead of knitting up the planned 2 (1 cable and 1 lace square), I decided to knit up the “feather and fan” swatch to see if I liked the pattern for the socks I designed in my head. The result? You need to click on the LINK to find out! Otherwise, here is a shot of the 2 squares added to the first one I made.

Meanwhile, Monday night I was distracted with some grey and red yarn.

And Tuesday night? Why, I did more of the bunner. But no more pictures until stuffing time. I need to purchase batting, beads, and needles. Whoa, it almost sounds like I will be sewing soon. Maybe I should send out my machine for a tune-up since I have yet to use it since Ma gave it to me for Christmas 2000. (Sigh) I *know* what you are going to say… SHHH!!

After work today, I stopped by the Warwick, RI location of Yarns at Lacewings to chat with Mary and her husband about a couple of knitting oriented activities. I think she will be receptive when my fellow committee members from Boston KOAC call on her, and already she thought my “Walk and Knit” at Borders was a neat idea. Plus, if I can get some flyers out to her for the KIP Day on June 10th, maybe we can get a crowd of knitters out for a picnic at Waterplace Park in Providence. Franklin was kind enough to create clothing and bags for us on Cafepress. You really need to check out Dolores HERE. Cross your fingers for me! =:8

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