The Beauty of Maryland

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There is something uplifting in the air today. I think it has to do with the fact that:
A) I spent the past weekend of May 2nd-4th at Maryland Sheep and Wool
B) I started my new career on Monday the 5th
C) Today (Wow, it is the 8th already!) is my wedding anniversary
My Desktop of the Mondavi VineyardpaddingAnniversary Bouquet from Richie
So to start everything off, I present a shot of my cubicle and the flowers that DH sent to the office. I did not want him doing such things anymore because it was starting to get embarrassing at The Corporation. However he did well by being discreet and the little vase is now where I keep my personal phone, wallet, keys — whatever I need for it to do.

To describe my first visit to Maryland Sheep and Wool, I would use “incredible” in one word. The sense of spring in the air captivated my entire body. Meeting most of the Ravelry Helpers in person at our slumber party was incredible in itself. All of us greeted each other like long lost sisters who were disconnected against our will. Seeing the various booths and stalls made us giddy. It was like we were there to do a giant shopping trip with no cash limit. Can you say that we were in heaven? I think so! =:8

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