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I normally refuse to discuss television shows because my taste varies from sports, Scooby Doo cartoons, to history/DIY/food to (ahem, you will sooo laugh) “Murder, She Wrote” to Dr. Phil’s talk show, and finally CSI. Mixed in that group is a new series, “Heroes” which features complete strangers who have these individual powers. Through the storylines, you discover that they are all tied somehow in that “6 degrees of separation” sort of deal. I find that the various characters balance each other out, and each episode surprising. For those who have seen it, are you as entranced with the show as I am?

The series makes we wonder if there are heroes amongst us who have the ability to save the political world. Call me a romantic at heart on politics. Presently, we the people became heroes when we voted. Though I voted mostly blue (completely blue for the House, Senate, and Governorship) overall, I feel that as long as a vote was cast, it did not matter how each person voted, but that it was done. We heroes are heavy, fragile like glass, yet flexible and strong. Never again will the current President of the United States under-estimate the power of the People!

Now that I am off my political soapbox, time for knitting stuff. Today, my friend Jette in Denmark had her C-section. I hope to hear news on whether it is a boy or girl, but I know that as long as the child is healthy her husband Morten will not care a bit. 🙂 This Friday, Kris from “Red Dog Knits” will have her long anticipated C-Section. I really need to get her 2nd poncho done so she will have it before Thanksgiving! Next week is upon me, and once again I will be rushing to knit up some goodies. Monday, a few of the Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue folks are celebrating our November birthdays at Spumoni’s Italian Restaurant. Tuesday I fly back home to Virginia Beach. Wednesday I plan to spend with my friend Anita and her son Aidan. We all know what Thursday is — Turkey!! Friday hopefully will be a sane shopping day. Saturday is my birthday (the anniversary of the 29th birthday 😉 I mean). Finally on Sunday, I spend more time with my family and fly back to Rhode Island.

How the heck is next week knitting related? Well I need to get Shalyn’s requested present, red fingerless gloves, all set. I figured Knitty’s Fetching in Tahki Charles’ New Tweed #011 would look good. I just cast on for Gabby’s Pomatomus the other night. I have to make sure Anita’s goodies are all set — this is mostly (I did show Aidan’s suede shoes) a secret project, sorry! And I am going to see about getting everyone’s foot sizes while I am there so I can knit up socks for Christmas gifts. See? I wrote more knitting stuff. And since I have not had a cute bunny photo in a while, I give you my recent photo of my “Angry Ewok” Zydeco. I really cannot stop photographing him! He is not sneezing as much, so it looks like he is getting over his cold. We shall see what happens while I am gone next week.

On to what I think is the best part of this post. Today I received a triangular box in the mail. Thinking it was an early birthday present, I kept asking Rich what it was. He in turn asked me what had I bought now. Finally I opened it up. You will have to forgive the abrupt photographs, but it was because I opened it up so quickly.

And when I opened it up, I saw assorted pieces packed in bubble wrap, cards, and instructions.

The beautiful card contained a special message. I could barely breathe after reading it.

Oh my gracious Regina! You and Jenny are both Heroines!! Thank you for such an incredible gift. I was expecting a thank you card, and instead I get one of Jenny’s elegant swifts! Whoever said that functional lines could never be beautiful had never played with fiber. And yes, I already used it for the 2 hanks of soft merino K1C2’s Madelaine in sunny yellow. Why? Because Zabrina may be getting it quite soon. =:8

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  1. That’s my favorite bunny picture so far. Glad he’s feeling better. You are really knitting a lot! What a great gift! And so useful.

  2. I love Murder She Wrote, Scooby Doo, CSI, and history/DIY/food shows too! Just so you know that you aren’t alone. 🙂

    That swift is beautiful too.

  3. I love Scooby Doo and Murder She Wrote, too! I can’t stand Heroes, though. It’s a little too forced for my liking. I’m not really into TV in general though, aside from cartoons and the occasional cheesy show, haha.

  4. I’m hooked on Heros to and so it my husband! It’s really getting good and so can’t wait for Monday to see what happens!

    Cute bunny pic and what beautiful swift!

  5. I too have been watching Heroes but it sorta picks up and plummets here and there. I’ve been watching Prison Break, Desperate Housewives and Studio 60 at the moment heehee.

    Cute pic of the bunny.

    And you certainly deserve that swift, it looks so awesome!!

  6. Cool swift! And very cute bunny 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You have my interest peaked with the wedding sampler. You’ll have to post about it soon.

  7. At last I know what a “swift” is! Glad you liked it and Happy Birthday as well!
    May you continue to celebrate the aniversary of the 29th and never underestimate the value of a random act of kindness…
    That card looks awesome!

  8. I love CSI too , but I have no idea what Heros is.
    Yay for the swift. I got to get myself one of those.

    Happy Birthday for Saturday, I hope it includes lots of yarn. 🙂

  9. I’m so glad you got the swift ok! It was so hard to keep from asking if you’d gotten it because it was a surprise–you have a wonderful friend in Regina. She saw the swift on your wish list and immediately asked me to send one to you. 🙂

    And OMG. Bunnies. I had no idea you had a bunny blog. I will be reading from now on. 😀


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