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Adieu to 2009

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As I bid farewell to 2009, I reflect on the events that have affected my life. Some of them were unanticipated surprises, some were not. No matter what, regretting anything is not on my agenda, nor will it be!

To celebrate, I offer this simple pattern that I created to be used with the cotton/wool blend yarn that the Lands End folks had given me. The Cross Skull Cap requires around 65 grams of worsted weight yarn at the largest size. I was able to use 50 grams for the medium one. To queue it in Ravelry, click the bolded title of the pattern. Enjoy! =:8

Cross Skull Cap - Back View

    Cross Skull Cap
    Sizes: Small (Medium, Large) to fit Child (Teen, Adult)

    Notions and Yarn:
    tapestry needle
    4 stitch markers (ideally 1 is different than the other 3)
    65 grams of worsted weight yarn
    **Note** I have tested this pattern with 2 balls of Berroco Pure Merino, 2 skeins of Naturally Merino/Soie, 50 grams of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, 60 grams of Lands End cotton/wool (similar to Cascade Sierra), and 1 skein of Manos Worsted

    Size US6 (4.0mm) 16-inch circular needles
    Size US8 (5.0mm) 16-inch circular needles
    Size US8 (5.0mm) > 32-inch circular needles or
    Size US8 (5.0mm) double-pointed needles

    Gauge (in stockinette):
    4-1/2 stitches per inch, 19 stitches over 10cm
    6 rounds per inch of height
    **Note** I adjusted my needle-size according to each yarn that I swatched and the desired fabric result. For the Naturally Merino/Soie, I used 4.0mm and 4.5mm; for the Lorna’s Laces SW, I used 4.0mm and 5.0mm; for the Berroco Pure Merino, I used 3.75mm and 4.5mm instead. Use whatever needles that will give you gauge.

    Stitches used:
    Knit (K)
    Purl (P)
    Knit 2 together (K2T)
    Slip slip knit (SSK)
    Yarnover (YO)
    Pass marker (PM)

    Using the larger circular needle, cast on 64 (72, 84) stitches, place marker to show beginning, and join in the round without twisting.

    Using the smaller 16-inch circular needle, do K2P2 ribbing for 1-1/2 (2, 2) inches (Depending on gauge, can vary in number of rounds. I varied from 10-12 rounds due to the different yarns for the adult size.)

    Change to the larger 16-inch circular needle. Knit all stitches in the round for 3.5 (4, 4) inches to total from cast on at 5 (6, 6) inches – roughly a total of 30 (36, 36) rounds. On the last round before reaching the stated length, place 1 of the 3 remaining markers every 16 (18, 21) stitches.

    Decrease Row 01: Knit until last 4 stitches before marker, K2T, YO, SSK, PM. Repeat 3 more times to complete the round.
    Decrease Row 02: K2T, YO, SSK, knit to marker, PM. Repeat 3 more times to complete the round.

    Repeat Decrease Rows 01 and 02 until 6 (8, 8 ) stitches are left in each of the 4 sections – 24 (32, 32) stitches total overall.

    K2T around for 2 rounds – 6 (8, 8 ) left overall
    Break yarn (if necessary) and thread it through remaining stitches to secure.

Cross Skull Cap - Side View

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – These copyrighted patterns are for personal use only, and may not be used for profit without pattern owner’s consent. Please contact Kimberly Nicdao Villareal for more information or questions regarding these patterns.

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