Take a Deep Breath, and DIVE

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Tonight (Wednesday night) was the first “Walk, then Knit” meeting at Borders. We had 4 of us total — a perfect test number before all the announcements start bringing others into the group. Cathy, Helene, and Lorena joined me around 6PM at the Borders Bookstore Cafe. While Cathy and Lorena sat the walk part out, Helene and I walked for a bit. We actually stopped by Circuit City and the iParty stores to check on a couple of items, so our walk could be considered “functional” exercise. 😉

Lorena brought a practice swatch that she is crocheting. The bright colors remind me of summer festivities and fireworks. Helene did some practice on her knit stitch, and I taught her how to purl. She even noticed the difference between the Caron acrylic yarn she was using and the Malabrigo merino yarn she has at home. Not bad for a re-born knitter, eh?! And sorry folks, no pictures of us yet. But maybe soon we will have some for you.

As for myself, I worked on one of 2 squares that I am making for Jamie’s Papa’s Quilt. She is requesting 8-inch squares in any shade of green. Please help out her family as best as you can in your thoughts, prayers, or squares. Here is the first square I am sending. See if you can see the details in the closeup.

Now, time for me to take a deep breath. In fact it may be time to take multiple ones for my upcoming schedule. Tomorrow I go to my first of many yoga sessions taught by Rasha at Focuspoint. I have already been changing my diet, and this additional exercise is my next step to bring better habits into my life. In a couple of weeks, I will be on a business trip to St. Louis, MO. It will be my first trip out to the Midwest (not counting driving to Toronto from Virginia Beach), and I am looking forward to fitting into my summer clothes for it.

The next trick on my agenda? Diving into the “Amazing Lace” KAL. I have cones of silk in black, grey, brown, and sage wanting to be knitted up. Since I have been thinking about making something out of them, and had recently ordered Sivia Harding’s Diamond Fantasy Shawl, I figured I could make that as my teammate. Unfortunately, it has been over a week and I have not seen hide nor hair of the pattern. Instead, I may knit up a pair of lace socks as my entry with some of the soft olive green merino from my stash. Though I did promise Sir Paul I would make him a sweater as his Christmas request. Maybe I better knit Lucky instead of the ALK. BTW, Paul’s partner William, Rich, and I all agree that Paul looks like a ringer for this sweater’s model. What a way to know how great someone will look in a pattern!
Update: I just HAD to find one of Paul’s photos to post, and decided to use this great shot of William and Paul together at Randy and Robert’s cool place.

(Sigh) I was just reminded of how late it is! Time for bed. =:8

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  1. Functional exercise is the best – LOL!!! Glad your first meeting of Walk, then Knit went so well . . . I really think it was a brilliant idea. And a big pat on the back to you for your exercise and life-style changes – have fun at yoga!! Ahh, Amazing Lace, I think it’s going to kick my butt. Sounds like you have some good ideas for your team-mates.

  2. Well, I know next to nothing about knitting butI do own several knit kippot, that I wear on a regular basis. Myabe you guys coud make some of those. Have you ever tried? Btw, =the pretty rainbow peice below is very nice.

  3. It seems you had such a nice time at the meeting – and I love the square you’ve been knitting up for Jamie’s Papa’s Quilt – thanks for the link by the way!
    Do enjoy your Yoga lessons, I’m sure you’re going to love them – Yoga is such a wonderful way of life, not just the exercise of it, but all that it contains, and yay for the lifestyle changes you’ve been doing already!
    Such a great pic of William and Paul together, hey, they’re certainly two cuties! 🙂

  4. Odd, you should’ve received the pattern by now. Maybe you should call her. If Sivia Harding can just email a PDF to you, it would be faster. Call. I’d love to see a lace shawl from you!

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