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Posted on 17, March 2007 by

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If my co-workers never thought I was a “crazy knitter” before, they definitely do now! All last week the developers whose software application I test were in town. Each day was spent reviewing new changes, revamping current processes, and running them for the better. Each night was spent for team-bonding: Monday was Boston Billiards, Tuesday was “Pizza because we are working late,” Wednesday was 7 Moons and bowling (I went home after dinner), and Thursday was a Boston Bruins game. Because my arm was in such pain on Monday morning, I was hit with occasional teasing and ribbing. For one of them, I am quick to point out that my collecting of yarn is much better than his wife’s collecting of cars. 🙂 Some co-workers in the office find it bewildering (others think it is really cool) that I am going to NYC for Stephanie’s kick-off. My answer to everyone is “To each his own.” 😉

With all the nasty snow and sleet from yesterday, I was looking forward to today as my day to catch up the past few weeks and plan for next week. Guido and I had scheduled to chat at 10AM this morning about Thursday’s trip. I called a little after the appointed time and left a message asking for him to call me back. Sorting through the mail while waiting for his call, I found a post card from the Providence LYS “A Stitch Above” that said it was closing and all items in the store were 20-80% off from March 16th to the 30th. I immediately dropped everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I was doing and rushed upstairs to get ready for a “must get sock yarn” visit. Natalie’s store is the only one in Rhode Island that carries Lorna’s Laces, and I wanted to grab whatever Shepherd Sock was left. My phone rang as I was sitting in the driveway. Richie called to let me know that Guido just returned my call. I scraped the iced-over snow off my little car, started driving to ASA, and phoned Guido. He totally understood what I was doing and we both agreed to talk later at 3PM. What did I end up buying? Let me just say that I am taking myself off the Stashalong KAL because these LYS yarn sales are killing me and I hit my 3rd strike!

For those interested in joining me on Thursday, I have created a time-line as a tentative itinerary. Why tentative? Because I know full well that minds can change like traffic patterns in bad weather. Fortunately this week’s forecast looks to be 40-48F that day. Now, I need to get those NASCAR Knitting numbers done before my KAL participants run me over!! =:8
Edit: The itinerary has been updated to reflect a more relaxed day. Have to make sure we do not run out of steam!