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If my co-workers never thought I was a “crazy knitter” before, they definitely do now! All last week the developers whose software application I test were in town. Each day was spent reviewing new changes, revamping current processes, and running them for the better. Each night was spent for team-bonding: Monday was Boston Billiards, Tuesday was “Pizza because we are working late,” Wednesday was 7 Moons and bowling (I went home after dinner), and Thursday was a Boston Bruins game. Because my arm was in such pain on Monday morning, I was hit with occasional teasing and ribbing. For one of them, I am quick to point out that my collecting of yarn is much better than his wife’s collecting of cars. 🙂 Some co-workers in the office find it bewildering (others think it is really cool) that I am going to NYC for Stephanie’s kick-off. My answer to everyone is “To each his own.” 😉

With all the nasty snow and sleet from yesterday, I was looking forward to today as my day to catch up the past few weeks and plan for next week. Guido and I had scheduled to chat at 10AM this morning about Thursday’s trip. I called a little after the appointed time and left a message asking for him to call me back. Sorting through the mail while waiting for his call, I found a post card from the Providence LYS “A Stitch Above” that said it was closing and all items in the store were 20-80% off from March 16th to the 30th. I immediately dropped everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I was doing and rushed upstairs to get ready for a “must get sock yarn” visit. Natalie’s store is the only one in Rhode Island that carries Lorna’s Laces, and I wanted to grab whatever Shepherd Sock was left. My phone rang as I was sitting in the driveway. Richie called to let me know that Guido just returned my call. I scraped the iced-over snow off my little car, started driving to ASA, and phoned Guido. He totally understood what I was doing and we both agreed to talk later at 3PM. What did I end up buying? Let me just say that I am taking myself off the Stashalong KAL because these LYS yarn sales are killing me and I hit my 3rd strike!

For those interested in joining me on Thursday, I have created a time-line as a tentative itinerary. Why tentative? Because I know full well that minds can change like traffic patterns in bad weather. Fortunately this week’s forecast looks to be 40-48F that day. Now, I need to get those NASCAR Knitting numbers done before my KAL participants run me over!! =:8
Edit: The itinerary has been updated to reflect a more relaxed day. Have to make sure we do not run out of steam!

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  1. your chart makes me tired just looking at it. Yea!!! Your going to NYC for the big knitters gathering. I’ll be there in spirit. I’d heard rumblings that something was going on in Atlanta but haven’t heard a peep now that it is close.

    loved the water photo!!!

    have a blast in New York.

    YOU KNOW Guido? I just love his podcast.

  2. “To each his own” – yes, I totally agree! And my gosh, I’d *so* have loved to join you at the Bruins game! Hey, do have a lot of fun in NYC, will you? I’m looking forward to seeing many, many pics from your time there!

  3. Now I think our yarn stores have something to learn here………. clearance sales……. they really should have them.

    Trying not to buy yarn just doesn’t work……. you know all the good stuff suddenly makes itself available when you aren’t supposed to buy it.

    And lucky lucky you…….. Harlotness………. I wish I could be there.

  4. I’m going down to NY early Thursday morning (though I don’t know much about travel, so I am not going to be nearly as early as you are – wow!). I was going to go to the MOMA and Habu, but don’t really have that many other plans for the day (other than the obvious). Anything you can recommend?

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Kim for instigating this insane day 🙂




  6. I had so many things planned, but unrealistically! The day was perfect and now I have plans to do some yarn crawls, thanks to all of the info fellow bloggers have provided. It was wonderful meeting everyone and doing the museum and shopping, I’m still full of the day! I got off the bus last night around midnight and am still dragging a little. To think I almost didn’t go, I’m shocked, but it was such a wonderful day I’m glad I did! It was great meeting you and everyone else in person, I have some updating to do on my Google Reader.

  7. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!!
    i love kimberly.
    did i ever mention how much i love kimberly? well, i love kimberly.
    -she likes bunnies. i like bunnies. we like bunnies. yay for bunnies!
    -she knits!
    -she gave me mmmmmalabrigo for my birthday.
    -she gave me an AUTOGRAPHED yarn harlot book.
    -she understands how much i would LOVE LOVE LOVE for the harlot to come to hawaii.
    -she is so totally cool. because she’s awesome like that.
    -i just love kimberly.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛

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