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Trying to Breathe, Work and Knit

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With my eyes bigger than my stomach, I really have bitten off more than I can chew. Since I last posted, a bunch of miniature items have sprung into huge projects. My weekend was consumed by Sock Madness’ initial “time” round. I began knitting the given “Mad Cow” pattern at 7AM-ET on Saturday, stopped for a sleep break around 1:30AM Sunday, and completed the pair of socks around midnight of Monday. Because I held the needles in my right hand so tightly, I ended up pinching a nerve which affected my right arm from shoulder to the fingertips. I have not knitted since finishing the socks, and slowly has my arm come back to life. First the upper arm stopped the constant feeling of prickling pins. On Tuesday, only my right ring finger was numb. Today the end joint of that right ring finger gives the numbing sensation as if it was slammed into a door jam or had a heavy weight dropped on it. I know time is the healer, but I was able to realign my right hand in order to finish the socks. After all, “No pain; no gain!”

Because I needed more breaks than usual on Sunday, and because I realized that I did not need to worry too much about my bracket, I stole a couple of hours and ran over to Yarns at Lacewings’ Pawtucket store to take advantage of Mary’s 50%-off clearance sale. I managed to get some solid colors of Koigu, a pair of Classic Elite’s Wings hanks in Easter green, and the single ball of Cascade’s Indulgence in ebony so I can attempt to knit up Arwen. The Indulgence will be my 3rd attempt of finding a yarn I can use. Coming back from Lacewings, I figured I would fill up my tank in neighboring Massachusetts, and was able to snap a couple of neat sky photos while crossing Providence’s Washington Bridge.

Lastly, before I stop now and get to bed, I must share details of what I have been planning with Guido of “It’s a Purlman” fame. Both of us were inspired to see Stephanie’s kick-off in New York’s FIT next week, and both of us are planning to go with as many folks who want to meet us. We also are going to be holding a 6-foot by 4-foot banner on the “Today Show” that morning, and the fantastically kind folks of WEBS will be paying the banner’s cost. Please check out the invitation that I posted on Knittyboard and let me know if you want to join us. If possible, please pass the invitation along to anyone who would be interested too. Meanwhile, we are looking for someone to design the banner which needs to include the WEBS logo on the right-hand corner. Any ideas? We want to see!! =:8

Edit: Guido has a great description of what we are looking for. In fact, I am willing to offer as an incentive for the winning design two hand-dyed hanks of Great Big Sea Silk yarn by Handmaiden.

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  1. Oh dear, I really hope that you recover fully very soon!!!! Do relax, it’ll heal faster! Power to ya! =) GO KIMBERLY!!! WOOoOooT!!!!

    Btw…could you tell me what issues of Creative Knitting you’ve got please =) looks like no one on the karma site has a summer issue =(

  2. You finished those sock up fast! They look great.! Now make sure you rest your hand for the next round.

    I so wish I could come to New York but there’s just no way. Kids have school husband has work. I will be looking for you all on the Today show. How cool of Webs to pay for the banner!

  3. You are busy busy busy! Wow. Unfortunately, with all the stuff happening in my life, there is no way I can get to NY next week. I’m going to be very jealous though, I must admit. Have a GREAT time and take lots of pix so I canlive vicariously, k?

  4. Those socks are so pretty!!! I’m sorry you hurt your hand knitting. I hope you’re 100% again very very very soon. (I’ve come close to putting myself out of commission. It’ll happen sooner or later, I suppose.) And I’m SO jealous that you’re going to the Harlot’s kick-off in NYC!! I’ll be with y’all in spirit!! And how nice of WEBS to pay for the banner!

  5. To echo earlier commenters, I wish wish wish I could go to NYC with you guys. Darn work! Darn school! I’ll be looking for you on Today, though. Have fun and take pictures for posting.

    And feel better soon!

  6. i soo wish i could be there…. but flying over from the Netherlands is a bit too much on such short notice. NY is not the town I would choose to go – but man i would love to be there on the 22 of march to join you!

  7. Hobbies causing pain? Knitting is supposed to be the new yoga, right? I would be laughing except that I’ve done it! Socks will cause pain in your hand/wrist quicker than anything.

  8. Oooo that sounds like so much fun! And those socks are gorgeous! Glad your hands have the feeling back.

  9. My gosh, you’ve been knitting up a storm! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve pinched a nerve – these things are so very painful and there’s just not much left to do but taking a break and letting the whole arm rest – a terrible thing for us knitters, isn’t it? I do hope the pain has left you by now and you’re feeling much better again – and will be able to let the needles fly again!
    And mind you, your plan sounds like so much fun, I’d so love to just jump into the next plane and come over! Have a lot of fun!

  10. Oh my, I sure hope your arm is feeling much better now. Who knew knitting was such an Extreme Sport!! I’ll start mulling over banner ideas and see if I can come up with something to submit – as long as it’s not too late. (I’m heading over to Guido’s now to check out his post.) The prize yarn is gorgeous – you are so generous to offer it up as an extra incentive!!

  11. I wanna meet up with you guys for the yarn crawl but not the Today Show (too early on my spring break vacation) or the museum. Just give me a time and place where you’ll be.

  12. Congratulations on making it to the next round of Sock Madness!! The socks look great! Hope your hand heals quickly, and have a great time with the Yarn Harlot in NYC!

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