Yarn for the Bunnies and Martha’s New Kid

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A bit of news to share on what I have been trying to attempt. I have a lot of stashed yarn. I want to help the unwanted bunnies at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. My solution: sell off whatever stash I can on eBay to raise money for the furries! I have been able to sell all 3 hanks of Catalina worsted alpaca in bubblegum pink, a hank of Rowan’s Magpie, and 2 of my Mainstay’s worsted skeins in Soft Burgundy. So far I have raised $6.37 for SBRR. Woo-hoo! And coming soon, I will have a number of Mission Falls 1824 wool skeins up for grabs beginning at $3 apiece.

Another piece of good news to share. Recently, Martha, my SP7 Spoiler, had the heavy task of letting her beloved cat Domino walk over to the Rainbow Bridge. When she realized how empty her home was feeling, she visited a kitty rescue center and brought back Brigit. Come welcome the new addition and see how cute she is! Warm congrats, Martha! =:8

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  1. Thanks! She is a sweetie and I’ve gotten some more pictures of her today. 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Kimberly,

    Would you happen to have 2 or 3 more skeins of the Mainstay Soft Burgundy? I have been working for over a month on an afghan for my daughter and Wal-Mart no longer carries the Mainstay brand. I will gladly pay a little extra for the yarn and shipping to help the bunnies at SBRR and to be able to finish this project for my daughter.


  3. I also am wondering if you happen to have a skein or two extra of the Mainstays Soft Burgundy. If not, thanks anyway, but it’s virtually impossible to find this colourway, and I’m in dire need of at least 2 skeins of it to finish off my Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban style scarf that I started several years back. By the time I found out that the yarn was discontinued it was already too late. I’d set the project aside, due to the fact that is’ somewhat mundane to work on — I originally thought I had plenty of yarn to complete the project, but found out, in the long run, that I was mistaken.

    If you cannot help me with your own skeins, would you know somewhere that I may be able to find two skeins of this colour? I’ve tried e-bay and just general google searching with very limited results, and none being for sale.

    Thanks in advance!

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