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Let’s Talk about “S”

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As I have said before, Spring is in the air and I have been inspired by the cool crisp sunny days alternating with the sleeting freezing ones. This work week was no exception, and I am glad the weekend is finally here. While working after-hours, I managed to squeeze in time for Socializing the Bunnies on Tuesday and attending the Ocean State Knitters and Crocheters Guild meeting on Thursday.

Every Tuesday afternoon, Pam (founder of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue) swaps the rabbits at the PetSmart Adoption Center. Depending on the rabbit’s socialization needs, she alternates the 60 of them on a weekly basis. Some like mischievous Jasper, get to stay a bit at the Adoption Center. He had been terrorizing the other rabbits during his run-around time, so he stayed at PetSmart until his hormones calmed down. He is still active as a kitten, and will delight an adopter with his antics. Tuesday night, I was able to play with Boots, Bobby, and Jackie (Jasper’s shy sister).

To continue on about the Ocean State Knitting and Crochet Guild, I must state that I had a wonderful time with this group of ladies. There was a demonstration of knitting up flowers for felting, and one of the knitters had brought in a teapot cosy she covered with them.

In looking at my little rose, I now realize I have a great way to use up those little bits of leftover yarn from my projects! Another destash project I have to show is a little pair of baby socks to help me fill up the April slot in Sock a Month 3 KAL

Finally, by linking to a post about the Guild meeting, I have one more FO to show. Unfortunately it is still unblocked. Made of green fingering yarn, it weighed in at 125 grams on my kitchen scale.

Now if I could only finish my big current project so I can cast on for my Forest Path Stole!! I have the yarn, now I just need the time. When I said I have been busy, I really have been busy! =:8

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  1. Love the bunnies and that flower and baby socks are so cute! The green knit looks lovely too. Is it a shawl? I saw that you are really getting hammered weatherwise in RI this spring. You should send us some of that rain, we could sure use it here in Southern California.

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