Some Loot and Resolutions

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all made it home safe this morning.

Last night we rang in the New Year at Jen and Chris’ home. They were hosting a potluck dinner with poker (for bragging rights, no money here). It was so nice to be out of the house and with other couples. It can get really boring when all we do is sit at home to watch television and play on the computers (one reason why I am crocheting and knitting so much). I miss being physically active and have decided I need to do something about my rounded self!

This past year has been a little (okay, more like A LOT) crazy, and I did not follow the goals I made last year. Now that my schedule seems set for certain periods, I figured I better get a handle on how to improve and/or remove my flaws and bad habits.

Before I get into such boring details, here are several of the items I received for Christmas:
Plymouth bamboo circular needle set (awesome to use!)
the entire set of The Chronicles of Narnia
Ghiradelli squares, giant Toblerone bars, and Lindt truffles
all sorts of Virginia Tech stuff
small project tote bag (thank you Ruth!)
bottle of Red Mountain Laurel from Chateau Morrissette
Knitting Pattern a Day calendar for 2006

As for the resolutions, like Laurie from Crazy Aunt Purl, I love making lists for myself.
The KALs I have finished at least one item in:
Cathy’s stole
MIL’s scarf
WIP – CTH Cabin Fever for me
WIP – 7 Settembre scarf for Harini
WIP – Malabrigo in Alpine Pearl
Fuzzy Feet
Lisa’s limeade pair
Daddy’s brown and red (for ankle, heel, and toe) pair
WIP – Gabby’s periwinkle and pink (for ankle, heel, and toe) pair
WIP – 2 pairs for Nick (royal blue) and Lilly (periwinkle)
Warm Hands
(I had lost count of the mittens and wrist-warmers at one point!)
Dora’s pink Gusto mittens with eyelash cuff
demonstration blue Gusto men’s mittens
MIL’s wine Baby mittens
Lisa’s lime acrylic mini-mittens bookmark
demonstration red/black Charleston wrist-warmers
Anita’s fushia Horstia M/S wrist-warmers
Sarah’s green Softwist Bulky and Dazzlelash wrist-warmers
Lisa’s green Hortstia M/S wrist-warmers
WIP – Rasha’s because I forgot how I did the left hand 🙁

This year, I am more specific with my goals:
01) Have a crocheted and a knitted FP a month (KALs!)
02) Eat out less often for lunch and dinner (especially weekdays)
03) Excercise for 30 minutes minimum at least 3 times a week
04) Read more books (Rich gave me the Narnia set for Christmas)
05) Watch less television (except for sports, news, and James Bond)
06) Deposit splurge money back into savings or the car (see #10)
07) Write a letter to everyone important in my life
08) Throw out items that are not being used (Can you say “packrats”?)
09) Work on my home and garden (I lost interest in the fall)
10) Finish rebuilding my Mustang (need money first!)

We will see whether I can pull all of these off… I may just post what I do to make sure they happen.

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