Bunny Mishaps and Mischief

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I had a strange feeling of being overwhelmed on Tuesday, so after looking around the house I decided that I had better work from home on Wednesday to take care of things that were missed while I was gone. Unfortunately, in the middle of working on a buggy load-balancing issue, Rich noticed that Jessica was acting sluggish. And as in sluggish, it was so much that JB did not finish her berry-flavored yogurt treat I gave her! While chatting away online with my team of co-workers, I called Big River Veterinary and even though the earliest possible appointment was at 4:30pm, they wanted us there ASAP. The concern for Jessi not eating was pretty huge, and appropriate action needed to be done.

I am not sure if you ever read what happened to us when Hayley binkied over to the bridge, but my beautiful girl had similar symptoms and I was starting to think that JB had the same problem. Luckily, my team had come to a stable point in the software issue, and when Joe from our server side left for lunch, I told the rest of the team that I needed to run to the vet’s office and will be back.

To make a long story short, Dr. Dan Cardosa’s x-rays of Jessi showed that her stomach was completely filled with a large amount of fluid (probably water). They also gave her anesthesia and filed her teeth to ease back some of the points. The good news? She is down to 4.4 pounds from her last weigh-in at 4.7 pounds. She has come a long way from weighing over 7 pounds last year. And for those who are curious, I worked and knitted while I waited for Jessi to be done.

In the meantime, Zydeco is still jumping out of the pen that he and Jessi live in and onto the couch arm to visit the “human area” of the living room. Also, I took some pictures of Caesar, and has he gotten FAT! The boy has a dewlap!! Only does are supposed to have dewlaps, not bucks! (SIGH) To show the difference, here is a shot of him and Hayley (he’s the one looking at me for treats, go figure) last year, and one of my recent shots.

My little baby needs a diet! =:8

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  1. We were taken off of all pellets and eat only hay and veggies becasue Orlando was a chunk boy. However, he has now lost 2 pounds and is a very healthy 6 pounds. Sigh, I miss those pellets…

  2. It was a good thing you worked from home. You might not have noticed Jessi’s problem as soon!!

    Gretchen and I are sending good bunny vibes your way.


  3. Glad to hear JB is doing better……

    I can understand how you have been BUSY! I hope you and Rich are doing well!

    Jen & Chris

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