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Thank you all for the kind words about my hand. It does smart a bit, but as long as the area is not touched, I am okay. As we say in rugby (and in life in general) “What does not kill you only makes you stronger.” Of course, I did drop by Reuben and Diane’s store to see if there were any more of the treat-giving balls, but Diane has to order them. I told her that if none of the “bunny themed” ones are available, the ferret or cat ones would be fine. JB is crossing her paws because she wants one too!

For those of you who still have summertime warmth, I envy you. Autumn has arrived early, and though I LUUUV college football weather, I miss the sultry days in Virginia Beach and being able to wear shorts during VA Tech games in Blacksburg. The one benefit to the chilled air is the awakening of more projects. Like a springtime cleaning spree, the drive to finish WIPs converts these unfinished projects to Finished Objects. I managed to complete 2 this week. Interestingly both qualified for Project Spectrum’s August shades of neutrals.

The FO I am presenting first is a very old WIP. Wrapped around Rich’s chubby moose Albert (Christmas gag gift from me to Rich) is a scarf created with the thick and thin wool Canto yarn by Sandesgarn. Each ball is 35 meters at 50 grams, and varies in shade from a dark grey, to a soft mocha, then a rich cream before circling back again. I began this scarf back in April of 2005 after buying a bunch of this yarn during a LYS closing sale at 50% off. Using size US19 Lakewood birch straight needles, I cast on 12 stitches and seed stitched (K1/P1 the first row, P1/K1 the second row, repeat rows 1 and 2) with 4 (or was it 5?) balls of yarn. Technically this FO could be considered still a WIP because I am debating on felting it to soften the stitch definition. I may just knit up one of the extra balls and felt the swatch as a precaution. Click on the photo to see a better shot of the colors and stitch details.

I think the look on Brittany’s face is one of sheer relief after surviving her internship with us. She did not work with my team, but sat 2 cubes from me. As the only “goyl” amongst the other “buoy” interns, she had no problems holding her own. Though they and her team-mates enjoyed playing “Let’s hide Brittany’s wallet!” all through the summer. I knew she is attending UMass at Dartmouth, and I wanted to knit up a scarf for the cold Massachusetts weather. Keeping in mind that she needed something warm and washable, I chose one skein of Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Wheat. After casting 12 stitches on size US13 Clover bamboo circular 16-inch needles, the lace pattern (K2T, YO, P2 – repeat every row) is knitted on even stitches with 2 seed stitches bordering the side, and gives the illusion of i-cord going up and down the scarf. I was able to finish this FO in about 5 to 6 hours, an estimation of 1-foot per hour. Hmm… Looks like I still have another skein identical to Brittany’s scarf. I may have to knit up a matching hat or mittens for her!

With 2 FO’s under my belt, you would think I would continue to dig into the WIP pile, but I am taking a slight break. I have been wanting to change my site’s look, and have been checking out a number of WordPress themes. Since I am not one who follows a pattern exactly as written (I adjust accordingly for gauge, type of yarn, etc.) I know it will be awhile before the all out change. Though for me not to do “something” fiberly IS out of character, I may just finish that second baby booty for Anita (or her present), or crochet Auntie Zenaida’s baby blanket, or… or… Cripes, I STILL have a lot of WIPs! =:8

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  1. Great finishes! And don’t worry, you’ll get through that WIP pile in no time–just keep plugging away when you have the time 🙂

  2. Great to have some FOs! That scarf detail is pretty amazing.
    The bunny looks like she’s ready for Easter already.

  3. I am going to have to get one of those treat balls for Gretchen. She would love…would keep her occupied for hours and NOT chewing on the doorstops-LOL!

  4. Well, at least you are finishing stuffs. I had barely knitted since I arrived in Munich. Hmm, the scarf for my friend might just be the first FO here! Can’t wait for that to happen.

    Thanks for dropping by! I am surprised to see that there are still people reading my blog. I had been such a delinquent. Haha. Hopefully I will be posting more often once I return to the US.

  5. Great FO’s…Isn’t it a great feeling?! I love the bunny pics…just makes me want to scratch behind those beautiful ears!

  6. Meep! It’s me! heeheehee…it’s starting to get much colder here. Fall only lasts about a week or three, and then it gets into the “bundle it up or it’ll fall off” stage :-/ ::sniff:: I miss summer

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