A Jumbled Mess Turns Good

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Monday was quite a manic one. First my company was bought out; second, Rich reported that when he heard a bunny sneezing fit in the Kids’ living area, he turned around to console Jessi, but it was her bun-mate Zydeco (His Little Man, and my Angry Ewok). Yikes!

At least on Halloween night I have more tricks for you. No, I did not finish the little Clapotis, but I will after I get a Running Bunny’s birthday shawl in purple yarn underway. I do admit, the Clapotis is perfect for taking along because I have memorized the pattern. Instead of the Clapotis, I gave to Amy Singer’s CIBC Team. Besides the donation I did for the amazing Debbie at “Gotta Knit” I hope that counts towards the Pretty in Pink. If not, I am still glad I did it. Hmm… That reminds me, I need to send Eve my questionnaire on her progress bars which are on my sidebar. Well, in a nutshell, I like the plug-in A LOT. But I have to describe WHY. I almost feel like I am back at work QA-ing software! 😉

Now I present to you my big surprise. TA-DA!! I finished my Lacey Socks in Worsted Weight just in time. I realized that I should have knitted up a swatch before beginning the whole project because Schaeffer’s Helene yarn is comparable to Lorna’s Laces’ Lion & Lamb. The black yarn on the top, heel, and toe is the discontinued Berroco’s Softwist Bulky. I think I know why the yarn is not being made anymore; it splits A LOT. Besides the yarn color changes, the only tweaks I did to this pattern was using twisted stockinette on the heel flap and on the bottom of the toe. Bad news on this pair, though. I need to re-knit the first sock I did because it is 1) waaaay too big, and 2) I need to put the black ribbing on the top of the sock. Otherwise, I am happy with the results from what was originally the shot shown below last week. Now, where is that purple yarn I want to use?? =:8

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  1. Oh no, more sneezing bunnies. Hope they little dears feel better soon. What a beautiful sky picture:)

  2. Wow, what a mess. But the finished socks look great! Why didn’t you put a picture on your blog? It would be nice to put them 2 pictures side by side.

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