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Finally, a Post!

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I know, I know, I know. 🙁 I did not post for Saturday on my usual schedule, but I do have a couple of Saturday Sky photos to show you. I am sorry and I apologize with lots of gusto. I had good reasons though, so I think you will forgive me.

First and foremost Ms. Jennifer and her husband Chris invited Rich and I to join them with a few friends for dinner on Saturday night. The place was at a Japanese steakhouse in Norwood, MA. The occasion was to belatedly celebrate her birthday! Of course it was not until after this delicious dinner was over and the check had been presented was when I remembered to pull out the camera. So without further ado, here are some photos of the dinner.

Now here is more fun stuff. I see Jen as Pam’s second in command for Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. And along with Pam, Jen works incredibly hard as a rabbit educator for SBRR. She volunteers a lot of her weekends by participating in the PetCo and PetSmart weekend sessions, and happily bunny-sits all our little fur-kids whenever they need watching when Rich and I go away. So for her, I had to knit up something special.

I present to you Jennifer’s birthday present. Look familiar? Inspired on how Rasha’s Icarus turned out, I thought I could do the same with Swallowtail. Instead of adjusting the charts for the Cascade 220 and Galway yarns, I decided to knit the entire garment as stated in the pattern. Rich’s reaction to this one when he saw it unblocked? “OMG! That is HUGE!! It must be at least 8 feet wide!”

The fun part — the statistics:

  • Pattern – Evelyn Clark’s Swallowtail Shawl from the IK Fall 2006 issue
  • Yarn – 3 hanks of Cascade 220, (2 of which were from my lovely SP8 Spoiler Lacy) and 1 skein of Galway
  • Needles – SR Kerter 7.5mm bamboo circulars at 80cm
  • Time Taken – began Monday October 16th, bound off Sunday October 22nd

With all the rainy autumn weather last week, I began thinking about the beautiful colors around the Rhode Island countryside. The trees are not as numerous as Vermont, but are still breath-taking along the interstate highways and roads. The air is in the 50s and is chilly enough to be wearing gloves in the morning and nights. During all these things, Jessi has been constantly sneezing ever since she stuck her head in the helping of hay I gave her on Friday evening. We figured that she must have inhaled some of that dust into her sinuses. To help her alleviate her symptoms, I had kept the bunnies’ window open, so we have been freezing our tailbones! Finally after an entire weekend of her sneezing, I brought her to her veterinarian who confirmed that we did the right thing and then prescribed some anti-biotics in case a nasal discharge appeared. Cross your fingers and hope that she gets better!

After Jessi’s visit to the doctor, I went back home and had to get some work done. Because the work took longer than expected, I missed the Boston KOAC wrap up meeting in Downtown Crossing. Instead, I met up with Dorothy at Panera Bread in Seekonk, MA. We both had thought Jen would be there, but when I called her, she had not planned on coming. I then mentioned that I had something for her and Jen pleasantly said that she would drop by in a bit. So here I have her modeling her birthday shawl! Incredible that this is the size it would be if you knitted the pattern as stated in worsted weight, eh? =:8

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  1. The shawl is glorious! I can’t believe how much bigger it is in worsted! I knit mine in a yarn a little finer than the called for yarn, added 5 extra repeats of the bud lace and it’s still tiny! I might just have to try one in worsted. Your’s looks so cozy!
    Hope your bunny is feeling better.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful shawl!!!! Jen looks so happy with it . . . and how could she be anything else. 🙂 Sending hugs to Jessi , I hope she’s all better soon.

  3. I hope Jessi gets better soon, and I love the shawl. Well, I have loved every shawl you’ve done, this is amazing as well. I don’t know how you do it. You’re a knitting wonder!

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