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My 3 Words for 2014

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Since meeting Chris Brogan in August 2009 at PodCamp Boston, I have been inspired by his use of “3 Words” for that year. His 2013 list including the words from 2006, are in his last January 1st post. My own three words through the past four years have been:

Ravelry HPKCHC Slytherins at Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, VA -- July 15, 2013
Ravelry HPKCHC Slytherins at Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, VA — July 15, 2013
The intention of these words is to keep my work, chores, and daily tasks in a balance with my needs, wants, and wishes. Too often I stop myself and take a deep breath to force myself to relax. Life for diabetics can be incredibly short, so making every second count is what I try to do. This year I chose the following as my 3 words for 2014: savor, duty, achieve.

Giving birth to my daughter has opened my eyes to a world that I knew of, but did not completely understand. The emotions of being a mother are powerful. I find that when I start feeling frustration during SlytherBun’s fussiness, I chide myself with the fact that she will only be my lovable SlytherBun for a short while. In time she will grow up, and I should spend whatever time I have to let her discover herself and to encourage educated thought. While she naps during the day or sleeps at night, I do my best to make use of my free time by working and crafting. However, no matter what is happening in our lives, I want to remember and savor all the moments.

When I was a New Cadet (aka, freshman) in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, we were required to know crazy bits of trivia pertaining to the history of VA Tech and of the Corps itself. To this day I can still sing VA Tech’s “Tech Triumph “ — which came in handy once because a manager at Fidelity Investments required all late attendees to his meetings to sing their school fight song. I also know the older football cheers, and BULLSSHD. “BULLSSHD” was the anagram we used to remember the 8 Pylons at the War Memorial: brotherhood, ut prosim, leadership, loyalty, service, sacrifice, honor, duty. Sometimes I use ut prosim (Latin for “That I may serve”) in a signature, and may replace “Bunny hugs” with it for my work-related emails. Notice that I used “service” for 2013’s 3 words. This time I selected “Duty” because I am aware of my obligations to my family, my career, and myself. To take care of my family, I also need to take care of my career. Whatever task is required, I will do it.

Julius' goal was often oriented around getting chocolate.  RIP, good buddy!
Julius’ goal was often oriented around getting chocolate. RIP, good buddy!
There are a number of folks I have met through the years. Many of them I have befriended and do my best to keep close tabs. However there are a few who cause me to shake my head in puzzlement. These few have little ambition to work for what they want in life, as if they expect whatever they want to appear out of nowhere as a freebie. I have always refused to be like that. Whenever a goal is set in front of me, I do my best to accomplish it and finish the task with whatever resources I can use. On the topic of material items, instead of wishing for something to appear, both BFF and I work hard to save our pennies for them. This year, I am using the word “achieve” to describe anything I am doing in order to reach our goals. This “anything” applies to our health, work, crafting projects, home repair, and family nurturing. Because if you work to achieve your goals, dreams come true.

I am ending this post on what can be perceived as a fun note. With the cold weather surrounding the northern hemisphere, it seems only natural to crave warmth. So I have something to offer as a giveaway… If you have a goal (or goals) for the upcoming 2014 year, link or comment to this post with the details. In a month from now, be on the lookout on my February 1st post to see who wins a little goody package. Hoppy New Year!! =:8

Choose between Martin Storey's Scottish Knits or Bruce Weinstein's Sweaters Book
Choose between Martin Storey’s Scottish Knits or Bruce Weinstein’s Sweaters Book

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  1. My big goals for this year are: a cleanish house, eating more migraine friendly foods and knitting things that matter

  2. I picked 3 words for 2014 last week. They are Healthy, Joyful, Mindful. I need to get healthier for myself and my family. I want to be more joyful, like the little girl I keep. Little ones find joy
    In such small things. And Mindful. Mindful of
    those around me, the environment, those in need, my needs, and mindful of my actions.

  3. My goals for this year are: Be more intentional around career decisions, learn basic conversational Spanish, and start practicing Stoic meditation.

    By the way, if the Sweaters book is anything like as good as _Knits Men Want_, there’s no doubt which one I’d choose if I win!

  4. Try to keep the house more organized.
    Put everything on the calendar to keep the family organized.
    Knit 3 big projects.

  5. Goal #1: knit more and knit lots of neat items

    Goal #2: don’t sweat the small stuff-don’t worry that my three year olds fav word is poop (ha)

    Goal #3: get my dream job (hopefully those who need to retire will this year or so they have told me!)

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