Yes, I Am still Catching up!

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Okay, okay, okay. I have not caught up on the calendar yet, and have added a couple of digressions. Here are the next items to discuss in June: Father’s Day and the Gaspee Day parade.

Father’s Day was a bit short. I called Daddy back in Virginia Beach; I had forgotten to send the card early enough so he would receive it on time. 🙁 Other than that incident, Rich and I took his parents out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse in Cranston, RI, where we met up with his Aunt Mary. I am so glad that we called ahead for seating, because it was PACKED. Dinner was juicy steaks for Dad, Rich, and me; Aunt Mary had barbecued ribs; Mom opted for the chicken. It is nice to have family meals like that one. We are trying to see if Aunt Mary will be able to join us for Mom and Dad’s birthday dinner. The hardest part of the dinner is trying to find a time around our schedules.

The Gaspee Day parade is part of a huge celebration in Warwick, the town we live and of which my husband is a native. From what I understand, before the Boston Tea Party, the colonists living in my neighborhood were so upset with the British, they trapped the military ship Gaspee in one of the bay coves and burned it completely. In chatting with the Rhode Island history buff at work, he described it perfectly. “Imagine an enormous group of folks who are so angry with the current government, that they decide to takeover a single US Coast Guard cutter and burn the ship in anarchic effigy. Not only would that be considered an obvious crime of murder and a huge felony for destroying government property, but the view of treason would be inflaming.” For more information on the Gaspee Day celebration, please check the site out or read the abbreviated story here.
Anyway, Rich took a TON of pictures during the parade. So feel free to view and comment on them. =:8

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