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Last night in the RA Yarns knit group, Donna handed out the patterns for making helmet liners in both crocheted and knitted directions, which I shared with my friends at Knit One Purl Two and Fabric Place. These liners must be made of soft 100% wool, and Cascade 220 has been explicitly listed. I am crocheting mine out of Baruffa’s 7 Settembre, which is definitely a soft wool but has 120 yards per 50 grams in each skein. I did try to crochet the pattern with Plymouth’s Galway, but the skein’s 210 yards per 100 grams seemed a little too bulky for my taste. Instead, I may attempt knitting the liner with this yarn.

Hopefully I will be able to push a couple helmet liners out during this weekend. And yes, I will put photos up of them when I am done. The project link is still a work in progress… 😉

3 Hours of 84 cast-on, 2×2 ribbing, size 6 Balenes, and black Galway
3 Hours 2x2 black Galway ribbing on size 6 Balenes

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