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Enjoying the Silence with 3 Words for 2016

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Last year, I kicked off 2015 with the “My 3 Words for 2015” post on the (now closed) “somebunnyslove.me” blog. I proudly can share that I successfully managed to implement those words (water, wake, release) into my daily life. Now that we are forty-five (45) days into 2016, I guess it is time I released a few items from inside my chest.

I had (and still do have) health struggles last year that affected sectors of my work. The editing on Ravelry was not touched, but my other projects were either put on hold or did not get the direct attention they deserved. I finally made the decision to focus on myself and family during that time, and I am relieved to say that this year is looking better than 2015. Because of this step back, I am able to write — no various types of stress pulling in all sorts of directions. So if you are wondering why I have been so quiet, it is because I have taken the advice of those close to me and turned off various social outlets. Nowadays I am active in two groups on Ravelry because in those groups I feel safe and accepted without the shiny tag of what I do for the fiber industry.

My news: I want to share what I have been doing this past year in more detail. If you could please be patient with me, I promise to write about the various patterns I have been knitting as tests, samples, or freebies. Westminster Fibers has been very generous not only as my employer, but as a provider for many yarns that I use in my charity projects. I also have some yarns that Karl (previously of Rowan Yarns) sent for me to use for charity and to play around in whatever way I see fit. Also I have been sent a few books to review. If you have not seen any of my (at last count 300) projects on Ravelry yet, I select 2-3 patterns from each book as part of my review.

Meanwhile, here are my 3 words for 2016:
Courage — inspired by Massimo Bottura and his wife Lara Gilmore
Relax — inspired by SlytherBun’s Godparents, Anna and David of “The Fields of Michael and Gabriel”
Stoic — inspired by Dr. Maurizio Seracini
All three words are to help me during times of controversy. No matter how heavy the falls, I am reminding myself to maintain self-respect.

Now, are *YOU* ready for 2016?

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