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A Bunny Scrum’s Back Story

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Four years ago with my ties to XRX freshly cut in October, I was new to freelancing at the time and looking for steady work. Through various phone calls and emails, I scheduled some job interviews and possible meeting during “VOGUE Knitting LIVE!” in 2012 at New York City. As I previously wrote in a past post, I met with many friends in the fiber field and enjoyed walking around the many vendors represented. I even managed to convince BFF to break my “Cold Sheep” promise with a couple of yarn purchases. One of the pals I ran into was double-knitter extraordinaire Alasdair Post-Quinn (aka FallingBlox on Ravelry). His “52 Pickup” scarf never ceases to astound me.


Another wonderful person I saw was news reporter Pam McKenzie of In Stitches. If you want to know what is happening on the East Coast, Pam’s the one with the latest dish.

SBL and Pam MacKenzie

During all these events, I had chatted with Melinda of Tess’ Designer Yarns about knitting up samples for her booth. Cue 4 years later… After a flurry of phone calls this spring, I received the yarn and knitted these bunnies for Maryland Sheep and Wool 2016.

Bunny Scrum for Tess' Designer Yarns
Bunny Scrum for Tess’ Designer Yarns

These little guys are knitted out of her Merino Angora blend yarn. Aren’t they adorable? Details of this project are in my Ravelry notebook. =:8

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