After a Fairy Tale Ending

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There are so many life stories each one of us can tell, it becomes difficult to find a beginning and end from one to the next. In my case a decade ago I began an unhappy marriage that drove me to various lengths in combating loneliness. Not once did I realize what I was doing was wrong for me; the adrenaline rush from all my activities masked the pain. Yet as I moved back to Virginia in October 2009, while that fairy tale ended a new one began. This new tale was centered on my independence and relying only on family. When my life was turned upside down (in a good way) after dating and becoming BFF’s wife, another story took its place.

Simply put, these fairy tales are ever-changing and are always moving our lives around fate. I have to remind myself that as each day/week/month/quarter goes by, change is good. Friends are made and lost. Family ties are created and torn. Whenever either of us are included in group invites though we cannot go, we are grateful for the friends who consistently ask us because it means we are in their thoughts. And when people do shun you for thinking of them, they are not friends to keep. These friends are part of a lost tale of long ago in happier times that is better retold than re-lived. It is why I view life differently for our daughter.

Watching the developing baby girl that BFF and I made together never ceases to amaze us. What we do often is adapt and grow with her and ourselves. This growth is new to me because I never experienced it firsthand. Now that I am a mother, my heartstrings are tugged multiple times an hour by SlytherBun’s smiles and cries. Like most parents, we want what is best for her future, and keep telling ourselves to let her discover everything possible.

I only hope we can let her go when she grows up. =:8

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