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An Obsession Becomes Villa-Realed

26, July 2018

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I have not written any posts on this website for almost a year, and I am not ashamed for leaving such an empty space in time. When I am distracted with life, focusing on writing is difficult. Last summer I spoke of the hand-crafted accessories inspired by the children’s show on Amazon Video, “Tumble Leaf” […]

After a Fairy Tale Ending

13, March 2014


There are so many life stories each one of us can tell, it becomes difficult to find a beginning and end from one to the next. In my case a decade ago I began an unhappy marriage that drove me to various lengths in combating loneliness. Not once did I realize what I was doing […]

How to Redefine Some Bunny

4, January 2013


The silence on my website since July 2012 has been on purpose. When I began independently working as a contractor, I was exploring various options (what I enjoy calling “Making Eggs”) of marketing in the fiber industry. Some of the options required me to keep a public face, others required me to stay in the […]

It’s All in the Risk

26, March 2012


When I signed up to write a guest post for Ruth, I thought I had selected a topic that was easy-peasy. After much debate and with current political issues screaming for attention, I became indecisive on which one of the major decisions I made in these past 2-1/2 years was the biggest risk. Finally I […]

Falling into Thanks

28, November 2011

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When I moved back to Virginia just a smidgen over two years ago, I began writing about “making eggs” because I was inspired by the movie “Runaway Bride” in which the lead character had never realized how she liked eating eggs. Instead, she had always chosen whatever preparation her fiances preferred. (Sorry for those who […]

October Sprints

14, November 2011


I had just sat down at my computer ready to talk about what I thought was the last couple of weeks when it dawned on me — yesterday marked one month since my trip to Hartford, WEBS Yarn Store, Leyden Glen Farm, and Rhinebeck’s NY Sheep and Wool Festival. Knowing that I am over a […]