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How to Redefine Some Bunny

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The silence on my website since July 2012 has been on purpose. When I began independently working as a contractor, I was exploring various options (what I enjoy calling “Making Eggs”) of marketing in the fiber industry. Some of the options required me to keep a public face, others required me to stay in the background. During that time, I noticed that when writing out my opinions it seemed while many would share my views, many also did not feel I should have stated them so openly. These written opines started my life changes in the social media realm. Since I no longer needed to keep a public profile in social media, I “locked the door” to the folks which I felt did not need access to my thoughts: people whom I did not have a personal connection, people who were not in specifically work-related functions, or people whom I felt were just plain mean.

For years I have lived according to a particular proverb that one should not judge people on how they treat you, but rather how they treat others they do not need. These wise words have become apparent during my work in the fiber industry, especially when I came across business people who shabbily treated folks I knew yet would show me and other yarn-related folks their sunny golden side. At first I could not believe the stories and tales I was told during the various crafting groups from my friends who refused to be customers at certain shops or yarn brands. “But so-and-so is so nice to me” is what I would reply. My eyes opened wide to the hidden cattiness when my husband and certain close friends were given the same kind of ill treatment and were vocal about it. From then on I observed, took mental notes, and began shutting out those negatively charged players from my networks. The decision to become a private citizen enabled me to lock my door to the public yet allow friends and family access.

Now that a new year has come upon us, it is time for me to select “my three words” for 2013. Last year they were fear, inspire, and relationship. This year’s words took a bit of thought because of the shift in my work and personal life: prioritize, character, and service. With a fresh year, I aim to expand on these words further in the next posts. =:8

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  1. Very well said! I’ve heard (on a limited basis) some similar things that were so different from what I experienced – very sad! Hope you have a great New Year – love the words :^)

  2. Good for you for drawing a line in the sand. I have dealt with something similar. When you make significant life changes, you really learn who is on your side and who isn’t.

  3. Sorry you have been treated poorly. Shouldn’t happen to anyone and certainly not a person as kind as you.

  4. Very well said. I like your three words, especially fear.

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