Exciting News and Introduction

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Aloha all; my name is Christopher and I’ll be taking a more active roll in the Some Bunny’s Love, LLC business portion. What does this mean?

For starters, the website will be going through a full “rebranding” and redesign. Kimberly will still have her personal blog but the main emphasis will be on the company on the front page.

What does that mean to the usual reader – nothing much; you will still be able to read Kimberly’s blog and see her awesome pictures. As for vendors, customers, etc. they will have a more centralized portal to interact with us as we grow our services (and boy do we offer a lot!).

The changes will be slow at times and at others all of a sudden … but isn’t that how a bunny is when they sleep, eat, and binky?

Thanks and cheers!


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