Knitting in Bunny Time

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Thanks to everyone for all the “get well” wishes! Yesterday I did not pop a Day-*il. The sickness is finally leaving my body. Yeah!! But what greeted Southern New England Friday morning? SNOOOOW (Think “White Christmas” the movie)! Granted, it was only a couple of inches, but the roads were pretty icy en route to work. My little Civic ended up swerving and sliding in the parking lot at Sophie’s Coffee. On my mind during the skidding was if I was silly for thinking my car was capable of driving in that mess. To counter the ugly grey day, I give you today’s cloudless Saturday Sky. The blue is crisp and pretty much matches the cold air.

Work this week has been crazy as usual. So much so on Thursday that I had to leave the building and run my after-work errands during lunch to “de-stress” myself. I wanted to get a couple of last-minute items before I mailed the final SP9 package. I decided to visit “And the Beadz Go on” in North Kingstown, RI. There I spotted a magazine with matching yarn for her. I was a bit naughty and did buy 2 hanks of Classic Elite’s Wings in Havana brown. BUT — these are for a project that I have been wanting to make, the Gansey Gloves by the Yarn Demon AND they will be a gift for a special friend. While I had sent that package out, my SP9 Spoiler’s package arrived Thursday night! My amazing pal is Beth from Three Sheeps to the Wind. Ironically, I had read her blog during Donna’s (adorable Bunner Twinkie’s Momma) “Whose Lace Is This” swap. I remember thinking how neat the title of her blog was. It turns out that she started blogging last July and now owns a spinning shop, The Spinning Loft. Please stop by and drop a comment or two, especially for the eye candy in those beautiful wheels! Beth, thank you soooo much for spoiling me with all those goodies! Speaking of goodies, here they are in all their glory. Please click or mouse over the photos to see a more detailed description.

Lately, I have been wanting to knit, but am not feeling the “love” from current projects. The Clapotis’ BFY keeps asking to be frogged and re-made into a Swallowtail Shawl. I managed to force a couple of rows last night before dinner. Knitting Arwen’s black wool on the Bryspun US3 needles is becoming a bit of a chore for my hands. I only have one set of circular US3 needles (that I can find out of two 80cm sets!) and they are tied into Mike’s Manly Mitts. I do find the stranded knitting fun, but am worried about running out of the black Softwist Bulky yarn. The baby blanket I began crocheting the other night seemed more like a thick bath rug than afghan, so I frogged it after dinner instead of continuing Clapotis. (Sigh…) It is really frustrating when the WIPs disagree with what I want them to be. At least I can take comfort in the Knitty article on Stash Collecting. Those words shamelessly describe my stash and why I find it difficult to part with a lot of it.

This past Tuesday night, in my head I kept singing one line from the Andrews Sisters’ “Summer time” song substituting “Bunny time” in the lyrics. Go ahead, sing it with me, “It’s bunny time, bunny time, bun-bun bunny time… Bu-unny time!!” Before everyone starts shooting me, I plead forgiveness for sticking the song in everyone’s head, and offer distracting bunny photos. =:8

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  1. Glad you are on the mend! I laughed when you said you did not have to pop a “tablet” I refuse to give free advertising to products!
    Bashin the stash is going well, but what is frogging it?

  2. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Those bunnies are definitely cute cute cute.

    BTW, blog contest over at my place. All you have to do is leave a haiku in the comments, and the winner (randomly drawn) gets a set of handmade stitch markers. Whee! Tell your friends and neighbors. 🙂

  3. Thanks for that link to the Classic Elite Wings gloves! I made a capelet out of some black Wings and have been meaning to rip it out. Now I know what to do with the yarn.
    And clearly I don’t get a vote, but don’t rip your Clap! Those blues are lovely. But I know I don’t get a vote …

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