Explanations Be Known

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    Me again to explain my line of thinking from the last post. So if there was confusion on the amount of reading I needed to catch up, my bad. Hope this crazy bit of logic clears up the mud.

  • To start off, I use two hard-drives for my work laptop so that I will not put non-work related items (like pictures, patterns, etc) on the work drive. My DH Rich was kind enough to set up the “play” hard-drive for me. But if I blog during lunch, I sometimes forget and Firefox keeps your pages intact and can accidentally save them on me after the original is uploaded.
  • I did forget that there are a couple of exceptions to the peeves. One touches the contests that require a comment to a particular post, especially for something that I would adore (Kristen’s stitchmarkers, Carole’s STR).
  • Another item to explain is my mentioning of “regional reading” which is a habit I picked up from work. Since I test my web application worldwide, the countries are divided according to regions. Two examples are: NAM (North America) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). For my Bloglines list, I decided to split my “gotta read” blogs into regions and topics (South, Midwest, EMEA, Canada, KAL, Bunnies, Yarn Vendors, Sports, etc). When I read a blog knowing where the writer is located in my list, I feel more in touch with their environment and way of thinking.
    In writing my last post, I also forgot to add that I will be selling a few items in the Destash for Cash Blog. Just remember, they were seen here first. 😉

      Rowan’s Rowanspun DK
      Colorway: heather lilac (#746)
      Fiber content: 100% wool
      Number for sale: 3 hanks
      Weight for each: 50 grams
      Yardage for each: 219 yards
      Cost: $7 each or $18 for all 3
      Cleckheaton’s Gusto 10
      Colorway: dusty blue/slate (#2085 from Spring 2004)
      Fiber content: 40% acrylic, 30% mohair, and 30% wool
      Number for sale: 5 6 skeins
      Weight for each: 100 grams
      Yardage for each: 55 yards
      Cost: $8 each or $40 for all 6
      Classic Elite Montera
      Colorways: grassy green (#3823), light mustard (#3883), dark royal (#3893), burgundy (#3827)
      Fiber content: 50% wool, 50% llama
      Number for sale: 3 green, 3 yellow, 3 blue, 3 wine
      Weight for each: 100 grams
      Yardage for each: 127 yards
      Cost: $10 each or $95 for all 12
      Mission Falls 1824 Wool
      Colorway: chocolate brown (#008)
      Fiber content: 100% superwashed worsted merino
      Number for sale: 9 skeins
      Weight for each: 50 grams
      Yardage for each: 85 yards
      Cost: $6 each or $50 for all 9

Finally that my SP9 Spoilee has received her package, I can breathe and post about the project. I present to you a Clapotis knitted with 7 hanks of Reynolds’ Rapture in pink #244. The 350 grams of yarn were a great project to knit and I am glad she loves it!

Edited to add: I have no idea how it was added in my Bloglines list of Bunny Blogs, but the feed for “Bunny Knits” at bunnyknits.blogspotDOTcom is actually Google’s Blog. How WEIRD is THAT??

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  1. I’m going to finish up these toe socks, slap some eyeballs on the fish mittens, and make myself a stinkin’ clapotis. I’ve made two already for other people, but none for myself yet. Argh!

    Also, mittens.

  2. I do love it! I do! I do!
    Thanks again so much…I have had many a compliment on it. It is my favorite knitted item. It’s a scarf, a shawl, an all around amazing knitted being! I am one lucky gal.

  3. Really! You didn’t need to send me anything but all I know is I want more of that yarn and I can’t wait until the weightloss ends and I start maintenance because biscuits and Vanilla Syrup will be my dinner.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    Check out the blog late tonight for my public gushing.

  4. Wow, your SP is super lucky!!!!
    Is there supposed to be a pic there? It hasn’t loaded for me…dont know whether its like that…just wanted to let you know…

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