New Beginnings

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Last Friday, during my walk with Ken, we spotted a luna moth on the tar pavement. Ken was telling me about his new job in North Carolina’s Winston-Salem area. He had been one of the few employees I have worked alongside that I can consider a friend. I will miss our banterings between our departments, and our discussions on religion and family. I loathe good-byes. 🙁

I had noticed many folks like Rain were entering projects on little to-do lists for this summer. What I failed to realize is that there is a contest by Ali for those lists. I am late to the game, but hope that making this list clears my WIP-lashed head out of UFO-dom.

And yes, soon I will be writing about my latest adventures from Sunday at my Auntie’s home in Stamford, Tuesday at PetSmart, and Wednesday with The Harlot at WEBS (I saw sooooo many people that I thought I was back in NYC!!). I have FOs to show too! No wonder I have been so quiet, eh? 😉 Meanwhile, please give a virtual hug to my friend Nana Sadie Rose. She had to help her Blonde Bombshell over to the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks, and lots of bunny hugs for all. =:8

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  1. You are such a sweetie to ask folks to remember my little girl!

    And I do understand how hard it can be to say goodbye – to friends, loved-ones, sometimes even to jobs we don’t particularly care for!!! 🙂 (can you tell I’ve been THERE?)

    Can’t wait to hear about WEBs & YH. And all the rest….

  2. I understand how hard it is to have friends leave, too. In academia you end up doing it all the time, and it doesn’t really get easier. 🙁 Hang in there, and hopefully a wonderful new friend is just around the corner.

    Your list of goals looks ambitious! I totally missed this contest, but regardless having summer goals is good. It prevents from getting distracted by new yarn (well, maybe?). 😉

  3. I understand how hard it is to say goodbye. I have a friend visiting for a few days and it’s going to be so hard when he leaves.

    I really need to finish my Forest Path Stole. It’s becoming the albatross around my neck. It’s definitely a goal for the summer as I know I’ll feel so much better once it’s done.

  4. I entered the contest. I’m typically not a goal-setter; but, I thought I would give it a try and see if it makes a difference in what knitting accomplishments I achieve by the end of the summer. I was pretty ambitious in my goals, also. If I even complete half of the goals I set for myself, I will be pleased.

    I hate good-byes, too. All of my family lives in the Chicago area and I am in NH. I manage it fairly well until a visiting family member leaves.. I burst into tears right at the airport every time.

    Looking forward to your story from WEBS…

  5. that luna moth is very interesting. I’ve never seen it before. Even if I have, I would have thought it’s a leaf.

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