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“Bring your Favorite Red”

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A dish of munchable goodness and a bottle of red wine were requested in an email for the casual meet up of red wine fanciers. The location listed Thursday, September 3rd, at Ray Martin’s home. Wondering what to bring, I stumbled upon a fabulous food market, Bridgetown Meats and Catering, and to my delight met Larry. Turns out that his wife is an avid knitter, and they have made frequent trips to Virginia Wine Country. 😀 Not only was he well-informed, but he made myself and every customer at ease with selecting wine. He had no issues about budget (I was searching for something at $25), and offered educational reasons on why he would choose a particular wine. In my case, he suggested a wine from Southern Australia, The Chook. This shiraz has viognier blended into it, and the result is a heavy red with a soft finish.

Satisfied with my purchase, I decided to create a recipe that would offer some punch with the wine. Using a trick my sister taught me, I purchased Pillsbury flaky biscuits and some ingredients to make a vegetarian filling. I baked them in the oven, and viola! In bringing them to the wine meet up, the Zucchini Popper Tarts were well received, and quickly disappeared.
Ray Martin's home for Favorite Red night
The night was full of different conversations involving work, art, politics, and heathcare. Pretty soon it was time to head back to where I was staying, but at least I can be pleased that my dish was a hit! So if anybunny would like to take the chance and try it, feel free to make the recipe and offer me some feedback. =:8

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  1. Ah, perfect timing! Just yesterday, the kids and I were wondering if we could come up with a way to use our garden peppers in some homemade version of yummy poppers. I could chop ’em and add ’em to this mix. Seems easy enough and still like it would be a special treat.

    Good seeing you Thurs and Sat!

  2. Sounds delicious – I’m a huge fan of viognier, but have never experienced it mixed in with a red wine! I will have to look for that.

  3. Made the poppers last night, a modified version including the hot peppers from our garden. At them dipped in bleu cheese dressing. All four members of my family gave it two thumbs up! Thanks!

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