White Lace for Harini

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Well, okay, maybe work has lessened a teensie, weensie bit. Except for finishing the fluffy wrist-warmers/mitaines I made out of the Cassimo (and which I gifted to Andre at work), until this past weekend, I still suffered from not playing with yarn. Since Ruth was swept off to a remote hideaway in Maine to celebrate her birthday, I minded the yarn shop by myself, and was lucky enough not only to frog the white tank top that I had decided not to finish, but also re-use it for Harini’s requested white scarf! The WIP was made with two strands held together of Sandnesgarn’s Kitten mohair and Katia’s Alba cotton/acrylic blend. I knitted the scarf in a feather and fan pattern and it seemed more delicate due to the size 9mm needles I chose over the typical 7mm. What a difference 2 millimeters can make!

Harini's white lace scarf
I must have gone overboard with the knitting, because since I started and finished the scarf over two days, my left wrist has been hurting. Guess that means I must knit or crochet daily to keep my muscles’ stamina up. 😉

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