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Dropping the D in Darts

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It was obvious from my first visit to Main-Lee that this new mistress would require more of my attention than dart league. I had no idea that the hours would command such time though. At least I can spend Mondays and Tuesdays at the London Underground and see my friends there. (Or so I thought!)

Now I know it would seem disorganized, but I have to knit for my writing. Combined with playing darts, they do not give me any luxury on my wrists. For each night I had to play in a match, I needed to avoid knitting the day before and day of. Even then, the pain in my wrists became so great that one night I took enough aspirin to cause stomach pain. As much as I enjoy throwing a good game of darts, I love knitting and my work even more. Add the travel I will be doing, darts in public will be no more.

So it is with great remorse that I stop playing in dart league and start using the time for my new-found hobby in art. Note some of the consolations in store:

    1) I still have Martinettes Happy Hour on Fridays at the Pub. I can play darts with Gary and other friends who happen to be there.
    2) The new restaurant 622 North will feature a couple of dart lanes. Their wine and tapas bar beckons to me!
    And finally…
    3) My own dartboard cabinet has been set up at my new place, SomeBunnysLodge. Here I can play a quick game when I feel like throwing.

Missing darts? Maybe in public, but not in private! =:8

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