Time to Be Happy!

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Lots of good little things have happened since my last post. I had received a “Wee Ones” box on Saturday that puzzled me. Seeing the pensive look on my face, Rich asked me what was wrong. I told him how I did not recall ordering anything from the talented Jillian, and that I was thinking of doing so after I had a chance to send her good photos of our bunnies. To explain, I had ordered custom stitch markers from Jillian for a couple of special swap pals, so I knew what her packaging looked like. Having one of her boxes appear out of nowhere was a pleasant surprise. Opening it, I gasped when I read the words written on the gift box inside.

What wonderfully kind words! I lifted the box cover and found four carefully wrapped items. One by one I unfurled the pretty paper to see the mysterious contents. Click HERE to see what all the fuss is about. Are they not the cutest things?? 🙂 If my ugly picture is not clear enough, it is a warren of four rabbit stitchmarkers. Thank you soooo much Sallee!! These babies are being carried in the tin my niece bought for me.

Besides the sweet little box, there was a card from the USPS that stated I had a package to pick up. Rich and I never can figure out why the postal carriers do not attempt to see if we are home on the weekends. Rich was actually downstairs most of the day while I was out and yet we still received a card. (Sigh — shake head…) Since I was working from home on Monday, I asked Rich to pick up the package. It turned out to be something I have been expecting from Ontario. Remember Marni’s fabulous Bias Fair Isle sweater from Loop-d-loop? No? Click HERE for a quick peek. From her inspiration, I decided that I had to make that pattern, so much that I bought the book from somebody on Destash and obsessed over what yarn to use. Looking through my stash, the Horstia Silk/Wool (please do not ask me to type the full German name) seemed perfect but I was missing a color or two. Well, to make a long story short, I discovered another person who had some on Ravelry and offered to buy it from her. Viola! Wait, the photo is not appearing? Shoot, I really need to get another camera!

The final bit of knitting happiness is the package which arrived in Monday’s mail by my Knitters Tea Swap 3 Pal, Carol from Celadon Cupcake. Now in order of opening, I present the awesome goodness that she sent me.

Stay tuned for my post on the latest PetSmart Adoptee Bunny news and also the

Boston Knit-out and Crochet Too

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  1. That’s some good stuff the mail man brought!!

    I’m looking forward to some more bunny pictures and stories!

  2. Wow, now that will put a smile on a knitter’s face!
    I too love those stitch markers. I’m not sure if I followed a link from your blog or elsewhere in the past week, but I was extremely taken by the pond animals. Now if she gets around to making some rottie markers, I’ll be FIRST in line!

    Enjoy the loot Kimberly!

  3. yay for the bias fair isle! i’m excited you’re casting on for it – can’t wait to see progress photos.
    once it’s finished, come back to ny and we can take twins pix together!

  4. HI!
    I’m soooooooo happy you like those bunnies! I saw them and Immediately went – well…I know who they belong to!
    enjoy…you do so much for others, this is just a little “something” to give back to you!
    (oh, and as an FYI…WeeOnes is VERY easy to work with and will design to your requests – even Rotties!)

  5. I am so glad the package came safely. I have a love/hate relationship with Canada Post. I think it will be stunning FI sweater. I can’t wait to see it when you make it 🙂

  6. Wow…you’ve gotten some nice packages lately! My package should be going out to you on Monday.

    BTW…I just got my Ravelry invitation today…yay!

  7. Wow, you’ve had a good mail week! The stitch markers are adorable and the tea package looks divine!

    When we lived in RI, we also had trouble with our mail. I wonder what the problem is?

  8. Love the bunnies and I had to go check out Wee Ones and of course ended up checking out with a set of four kitties 😉 Thanks!

  9. I recently found your website and absolutely adore it. I have you linked now on my website so I can visit often. That was such a thoughtful surprise sent your way via the mail. I know I would be thrilled too to open the mail and receive something special like that, especially in light of how much junk mail there is out there these days. Kudos to you and keep the wonderful bun and knitting posts coming. Your site is a treasure.


  10. It was nice to meet you on Saturday! Love your knitter’s tea swap package! I’m a bit of a tea addict myself…

  11. Yay Boston Knit Out! I just replied to your KnittyBoard thread. I’m all about helping out!! I already put the button up on my blog.

  12. Ack! Little bunny stitch markers! How cute is that? Uber-cute, that’s how cute. And do I recognize some Art Fibers yarn in there? Lucky woman, you.

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