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Before I opened up the RA Yarns shop for class on Thursday night, I gave Cathy her birthday present, some bridal magazines, a “champagne wedding on a beer budget” type book, and one of our extra ergonomic keyboards. Because I decided to create another Clapotis (There! I finally can say what her present is!) I had a couple of different skeins with me to see how they would look. Since she had not opened up the Clapotis yet, I was doing my best to show everyone what I was working on without Cathy peeking at the pattern. But the others convinced her to retrieve her gift and show it off. I have to say, it was a proud moment for me, because it IS gorgeous in the Malabrigo Stonechat and the autumn colors fit Cathy like a glove. After the knitting workshop at RA Yarns, Cathy and I chatted for a little bit in the parking lot about how a wedding is just a big dinner party with more fancier details. The difference is of course the clothing and other fun reception items that make the event memorable.
Cathy's Clapotis Stole

Cathy's Clapotis Stole - Closeup
Today was a busy day at the office. I was tied to my weekly 10AM Friday meeting and after-meeting follow-ups, then QA’ed and pushed out some new code for 3 projects (now imagine me smugly blowing and polishing my nails against my shirt…), sent a couple of emails, you know the usual stuff right before a long weekend. I was looking forward to the evening because Cathy, Lisa, and I were having dinner at a local Chinese buffet. We were going to catch up on our lives, and I definitely wanted to hear about what they have done so far on their wedding plans. I feel like a mother hen or a proud mom. Either way, I just have this neat glowing sensation when I see them in their happiness.

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  1. Wow, that is gorgous! I’m so glad I’m using the same type of yarn you did. If that Clappy had been given to me, I think I’d spend the entire winter in it.

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