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I am trying my best to bust my stash. To help keep track of what I have, I am photographing the “loose yarn” whenever I can. Today while stuck at home with a nasty head-cold that kept me sneezing every 15 minutes, I finally decided to put the work down and see if I can locate another hank of Schaefer Yarn’s Helene in what looked like the Empress Wu Zhao colorway. I called the store that was pointedly recommended on Schaefer Yarn’s website, Adela yarns. The woman on the phone pretty much told me no such item exists, and refused to let me email her a photo of my hank. So hours later, and by then incredibly cranky, I finally found a site that at least had a picture similar to my hank, only it is in cotton.
Kimberly's future crocheted wrist warmers with extra knitted ribbing at the wrists

http://www.TheYarnTree.com - photo of Laurel
Thus I am posting about my quest on making gloves or wrist warmers with this yarn, and hoping that Schaefer Yarns answers my email. If not, I will need to call them directly or just combine the single hank with something. How about you be the judge and tell me if I am seeing things? My hank in wool/silk and Yarn Tree’s hank in cotton. Same colors? I definitely think so!

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  1. My LYS just started carrying this Schaeffer yarn – beautiful stuff!!! I must find something to make with it!

    Your Clapotis is pretty!!

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