October Sprints

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I had just sat down at my computer ready to talk about what I thought was the last couple of weeks when it dawned on me — yesterday marked one month since my trip to Hartford, WEBS Yarn Store, Leyden Glen Farm, and Rhinebeck’s NY Sheep and Wool Festival. Knowing that I am over a month late in some big news, I best announce it now that I am ready… On October 5th, I formally resigned from XRX, Inc. It was a decision that had been on my mind for some time, and I wish the best for the company’s future. In making that move, I had been thinking about what I wanted for my own future. For two years, finding on my true happiness has been the goal. After all of the various tastings that I experienced from “making eggs” in life’s kitchen, it was time I hoppily settled down on what tasted best.

To start this big change, I accepted Andrea Riddle’s offer that I come work at her shop, The Yarn Club, located in Virginia Beach, VA. There I was pulled back to the fold of fellow knitters and crocheters like myself. There I did not have to worry about using certain needles, hooks, yarn, bags, or patterns for “political reasons” in the fiber world. There I could gossip about upcoming designers’ news and dyers’ blogs. There I could see the latest products by companies that I was not able to see up close and personal for the past two years. There I was back to being the online crafter I had been. For this one week before my trip to New England I went through a rebirth of sorts. And I have never been happier for this grounding rediscovery which re-opened my eyes.

The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach, VA -- 757-498-5648

My flight to Hartford was quite interesting. At the Patrick Henry Field airport, I saw a woman who was busily crocheting a pair of green pants from a Leisure Arts pattern book. Curious, I asked her about her project, and she proudly talked about how she loved crocheting over knitting. We chatted for quite a while, comparing knitting versus crocheting, today’s softer acrylic yarns over the squeaky plastic ones of 20 years ago, the changes on notions, how bags are now catered to crafters, and this one interesting bit… How two local yarn shops, one in Williamsburg and one in Virginia Beach, both were super nice to her when she and her daughter came to browse until she told them she was a crocheter. Since she said those visits happened over a year ago, I knew that The Yarn Club was not the VB shop in question. But hearing her tell me what both shops did really made me shake my head in disappointment. Before our flight boarded, I handed her one of my Moo cards and asked that she keep in touch. Fortunately, she let me snap a photo of those cute pants. 🙂

A pair of crocheted pants

In touching down at Hartford, I quickly grabbed my rental car (thank you, Priceline.com for your awesome prices!) and began driving up towards Kristin Nicholas‘ farm, Leyden Glen. Just that Saturday before, Kathy and Steve Elkins of WEBS made the sad announcement on their podcast that Kristin’s signature yarn, Julia, was being closed out with Nashua’s departure. Knowing that I might not be able to purchase this wonderful yarn ever again, since WEBS was on the way, it seemed logical for me to visit. Upon arriving, I saw old friends Karen and Gail Callahan (aka Kangaroo Dyer), and it was Gail that brought me to see Julia. As I stood there looking at the skeins of what may be the last of the yarn, I did not have the heart to photograph them because seeing them saddened me. Admittedly, I did find joy in seeing my friend Sabrina’s yarn featured up front of the store. You might have seen it… Anzula Luxury Fibers. 🙂

A sighting of Anzula at WEBS!

With this not-so-breaking news finally announced to everyone, I close this post with a teaser… My next post will be about my adventurous time spent at Kristin’s home and the wonderful workshop I took from her. For now, I bid thee sweet dreams! =:8

A felted flower becomes a dainty napkin ring at Kristin's