Poison Ivy: Not my Friend!

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Well, it has been over a month since my last post. I had several good reasons, though. I will even list them in chronological order for you. 🙂

June 4th weekend was full of weeding and determination to ensure the front yard looked perfect for the upcoming Gaspee Day parade. BTW, if you go to Rich’s site, you will see the pictures that he took. I also took a few snapshots, and will be posting them for all to check out. Anyway, I happened to get my first experience with poison ivy, and was quite miserable with the weeping blisters and horrible rash all over my left arm and partially on my right arm. By the time I visited my doctor on Wednesday the poison ivy became systemic and had spread throughout my body. My left arm was now red with cellulitis and the skin so swollen I could not touch my arm without wincing.

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