Being Loose and Calm in a Storm

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Yikes! When I cast on the Ultimate Gift, it is a good thing I decided to do a quick swatch. I thought using the US4 (3.50 mm) Addis would put me at gauge, but noooooo. My knitting is so loose, I had to come down to US2 (3.00 mm) Addis!! At least I started doing the sleeves first to be sure I do not get frustrated early. My progress has not been what I hoped. After two repeats of the pattern I realized that I would not finish in time so another alternative had to be knit. On Friday night I cast on at 8:45PM and finished about 7 hours later. The design I chose? The Ballet T-shirt by Teva Durham. Clicking on the photo shows the actual color of the mohair-blend top. Close call for a medal! (Wipes brow)
Ballet T-shirt in FDC Love
So while Eric’s cabled pullover was not finished for Ravelympics, I still am working on it. Recently when I sent him a photo of that first repeat, he replied quite enthusiastically. 🙂 That was when I noticed one of his taglines, “People will not remember what you say or what you do, they will only remember how you make them feel.” This quote had more power than I realized.
Eric's Cabled Pullover
Two Sundays ago, Rich’s cousin Christina went out to get some ice cream after dinner for her mother and herself. When she came back, Aunt Agnes was asleep on the couch. Chris tried to wake her, and when Auntie Ag would not awaken, Chris called over the fire department across the street. Turned out that Auntie Ag had a heart attack and was placed on life support. That Tuesday, the decision to stop the machines was made. Auntie Ag looked so peaceful, as if she would wake up any minute and ask for some Canadian Mist. I will never forget her smile, her mothering chastises, and that she was one of the first of Rich’s relatives to greet me into the family.

In irony, death had also occurred in the last Knitting Olympics. Rich’s business partner lost his father-in-law during the first weekend, and I lost my beautiful Hayley-girl. Coincidence? I do not know. I just know that Auntie Ag made me feel comfortable in the family, and I will miss her brazen wit and attitude. Life does go on for the living, so finishing all my projects (weight-wise, home-wise, and knitting) is going to be my priority for a bit. I can only wonder how I make folks feel when I leave this earth. Sobering thoughts, I know. Sorry!
My Hayley Girl
Oh dear, I just checked the Secret Pal 12 Blog and it looks like I missed a question during that week with Auntie Ag. 🙁
Question for Week 10:
What Olympic event would best describe your knitting/knitting style?

Hmm… I would like to say the gymnastics balance beam exercise. Reason, because my stitches flow but are held in precision. One wrong move, and WHAM! Time to start over.
Question for Week 11:
What is the best thing you’ve ever received in the mail/post?

Everything that all my pals, secret or not, have sent me. I literally use all that has been given to me, so I cannot decide! Have a good week everybunny! =:8
Virgil Bunner with his new pal, Bear

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  1. So sorry to hear of your losses, and so sad to hear that Hayley has crossed the bridge 🙁 Our consolation is that our bridge bunnies are now well and happy, munching on dandelions and fresh grass, where the sun never shines too hot!
    Hugs, G. and the bunnies Hugo and Miss Eve

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