Tickling the Senses

Posted on 9, November 2007 by

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Many, many thanks for everyone’s kind words in my last vent. I hope it is not seen that I want sympathy. Rather than internalizing my feelings, writing them out is my way to release a bad aura for a fresh new one. Life as usual has been busy, but we ALL are busy, so it is more like I need to reallocate my time accordingly. As promised, I have more to tell about my Rhinebeck weekend, but will make the synopsis short and sweet (HA! So much for that!). After that, I have three amazing packages to show off. The first appeared in Friday’s mail, and the other two were on Saturday’s bundle. But I digress and have much to write!
Michelle showing diligence in working on her sock!My attempt to Kinnear Stephanie
Now a funny thing or two did happen that night during dinner. For all of those in Red Sox Nation, that was the evening where the Sox beat the tar out of the Cleveland Indians. Rich and I had arrived early just in case Jess and Casey needed help in setting up. While waiting, we met with some really interesting folks who seemed new to Ravelry from the NY/NJ area. Sitting in the table/chairs eating section of the “bar” half of the restaurant, Rich was able to get the baseball game on the larger television. That surprisingly was not a problem. The problem arose when the owners of the restaurant failed to take Jess seriously when she said a lot of knitters would show up. She was assured that there would be room, but the owners still allowed their regular customers to come in a half hour before our reservation. They must have realized that she was not kidding because the liquor soon changed from allowing top shelf to bargain well drinks. (Bleah!) But all was okay because in that restaurant was only a smidgeon of Ravelry all together to celebrate it. We had packed that place of CHOKE, and shocked the heck out of them!
The Bobfather himself doing a Marlo impression!A quick shot of Frecklebro Kyle trying to get instructions.
Here is the funny part I found amusing. The only television that can be viewed from the dining room is in the “main stretch” of the bar. Using my O’s fan denomination as a mediator, I walked out of the dining room, up to the bar and kindly asked for the baseball game. It was switched to the Sox, and I turned and sat back down. After 15-20 minutes, the college football game was back on. I went back to the bar and asked again, but this time I asked for the remote and then switched it. Guess what happened after another 15-20 minutes? Again I went back up, but the bartender gave me a belligerent, “This is a Yankee establishment, and the Red Sox are winning 10-4 anyway.” To which I retorted, “We are paying a LOT of money here tonight, and so far nothing has gone as agreed. Most of the folks here are from the Massachusetts/Boston area so since we are the paying customer, can we at least keep it on the game?” With some elbowing from the other bartender, he grudgingly complied. Ironically, when the speeches and talks from Jess and Casey started, he changed the channel again. Bet he thought we would not notice! Good thing lots of thanks, kudos, and prizes were being handed out. Oh, just before the speeches, I was able to meet Adrian of Hello Yarn at last. She and her sweater are even more awesome in person!

Speaking of prizes, my number was the first one called. After emitting a large shriek that probably sounded like something being beaten while running fingers on a chalkboard, I jumped up to claim my prize.
Hello Yarn Sock in Ravelry
Oh wait, I have been teasing everyone with talk about stash enhancement! Time to spill some beans… Before anyone says anything, the first 2 photos are already spoken for and gone. 😉
A Touch of Twist Alpaca DK for somebunny I am swapping withSomething special for a friendBFY 4-Play in StarburstBFY 4-Play in Nantucket
And finally Sunday. I was able to introduce poor cold-ridden Stephanie to my husband. He did not help matters by constantly telling me that I need to stop bothering her. (Sigh…) At least I was introduced to her contact at Storey, and I am putting together a proposal soon to have the city of Providence included in the next tour. (The day I pull that off, it is guaranteed my shrieks of delight will be heard along with the heavy bunny dancing!)
The sock with the audienceKinnearing her shoesThe crowd behind me
At the adjoining table, I met one of my favorite people in the world, Kristin Nicholas. Not only does she dive into color headfirst with a huge splash, but she has been able to reach success and walk away from it for her family. I just cannot help but admire that trait of dedication in a person. I was able to chat with her for a bit, and asked her sign my little journal/notebook, right along Stephanie’s signature. She also wrote the most delightful tidbit when she signed my copy of her latest book, and even drew a little bunny in it! Throw in the bottles of wine I bought, and the relaxing Sunday turned out the better of the two days. Hmm… Maybe I should open one or two of them this weekend! =:8