Golden Leaves Define Tea Weather

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I have been naughty this weekend by not posting and I apologize. I have excellent reasons for digressing from blogging and posting, the distractions are my KT2 Swap Pal package, WIPs, and bowling! To catch you all up, here is my Saturday Sky and what I had planned to write over the weekend. Writing on the WIPs will have to wait.

The weather has become cool and crisp in Rhode Island. On Saturday, when I turned the kettle back on for another cup of tea during lunch, I peeked out the front door with obvious anticipation for the mail. My neighbors must have thought the worst because my squeals of delight could be heard in the next county!

My Knitters Tea Swap 2 Pal is the generous Kathleen of “All My Great (or not so Great!) Adventures” in the sweet state of Maryland. Eagerly I brought the box inside and started opening it up to take some photos. Then an idea hit me: use my favorite model as the backdrop. If my neighbors figured I was batty as it was, they were in for a REAL treat! Let us begin with the initial box opening in the house.

Now we shall move on to the goodies grouped in order of being randomly grabbed. Here in the left-hand photo is the HUGE ball of soft cotton yarn with awesome tea notions. I totally LUVLUVLUV that cup! One night Rich and I were at a Japanese restaurant, and the tea and sake were served in vessels like this cup. We talked about finding those cups for us, and lo and behold! I have one now! 😀 By the way, I gave up the milk chocolate Pocky box to Rich. He actually grabbed the milk chocolate Pocky box, looked at me with pleading eyes, then said “Mine PLEEEEAAASE?” Funny how those goodies brought out the little boy in him. I am so glad he does not like hazelnut, because that box is MINE. The right-hand photo are the different teas that Kathleen sent me. Are these not awesome??

When I reached into the box next and unwrapped the following items, I had to gasp. I have always enjoyed honey straws and Kathleen sent me a full pack. These I will be taking to work along with the tea. 🙂 Already I have used the tea filters for a wonderful cup of the fruity Rooibos Tropica. It deliciously matched the chocolates she sent. Please click on the box of chocolates to see the goodness inside!

Last but not the least bit at all is the non-tea goodies. This yarn is so soft, I thought it was alpaca or cashmere! I will enjoy using the scarf lace patterns to help de-stash too. The biggest squeal I made was due to the DVD. And yes, I did rip it open and watch it after I finished photographing everything. After all, priorities, right? 😉 Thank you Kathleen for making this swap so awesome! This tea swap was Kathleen’s first and I thought she was a pro who had participated in many swaps. Please visit her and tell her so!! =:8

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  1. Oh, what a great package! I love how you click on the picture and open the chocolates. Very clever! And ’til there was you’ is one of my favorite movies. I’m going to marry Dylan McDermott when I grow up.

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