Blogger Frustration Leads to Stashbusting

Posted on 5, February 2007 by

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Since coming back into bloggerdom, I noticed a few pet peeves have surfaced. Most are minor, but there are those which are like a knife twisting in my back! Oh the chills and shivers!!

  • Disappearing posts
    This morning I forgot that my work drive had my Saturday’s draft (sans photos) and I accidentally hit the “SAVE” button to refresh it. Fortunately Bloglines (my current love-hate relationship, read on for why) had the post in its little “To read” list and I was able to salvage the entire post. (Whew!)
  • Feeling comfortable on discussing any/everything (Okay, not a peeve)
    I live by the saying “To overcome a fear is to address it head on.” In my case, it is writing haiku. But since I REALLY love Kristen’s little heart stitchmarkers, and I want a chance to win them in her contest, here goes nuttin!

    Sitting at my desk
    I ponder what to enter.
    Alas, I am blank!

    Hey, this is kind of fun!! Of course feel free to stop by her blog and enter. If you do not want to write a haiku, the only other option is to flash the camera and post the photo in her comments. That idea belongs to her darling Darren. 🙂
  • Attempting to comment on every blog missed last month
    I finally finished the posts from the New England region, and managed to read the 195 posts from the Southern region and the 130 from the Midwest United States. I still need to go through my list and comment on the rest of them. Admittedly, if there are more than 50 comments on a post I tend to shy away and stay in lurkdom. I think it is due to wanting not to fill up the writer’s inbox. He/She probably is already overwhelmed, and I want to be polite. My issue now is that as soon as I find myself caught up in a region, more posts come into the queue. Oy vey!! Meanwhile, I discover that a couple of blogpals have moved their sites, changed their addresses, etc. I may have to stop being a Blog Harlot and start pruning my reads again. 🙁
  • Leaving comments that never get approved
    I do understand about screening comments, but there are number of bloggers that have yet to approve a comment from me when I do drop out of lurkdom. Maybe I am being sensitive, but I feel a touch slighted.
  • Old Blogger versus New Blogger
    Manuevering with the tab button does not flow from what field you are currently in but starts at the top of the page. BAD QA!! Considering that I test web applications for a living, I sure as heck know what I am talking about.

Okay, enough venting and more knitting. Here is what I have been knitting. I just wish I could knit these faster because I really need these needles for Arwen! =:8